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11 ways to coordinate with women’s air jordan shoes as beautiful as stars

11 ways to coordinate with women's air jordan shoes as beautiful as stars

Since its birth in 1985, the Air Jordan has always been the favorite sneaker of many celebrities. Air Jordan currently has hundreds of diverse product lines. Here are the ways to coordinate with women’s Jordan shoes

11 ways to coordinate with women’s air jordan shoes as beautiful as stars

Air Jordan is one of the most recognizable sneaker brands in the world with millions of global followers. The first product designed by basketball legend Michael Jordan. This was also the beginning of his illustrious career.

The original Air Jordan shoes are black – red. This color violates the uniform of the National Basketball Association (NBA), so Michael Jordan is always fined $ 5,000 every time he wears a pair of shoes to play.

At the end of the 84/85 NBA season, he was awarded the Rookie of the Year Rookie of the Year. The Air Jordan 1 on his feet became a phenomenon, as anyone in America wanted to feel like Michael Jordan.

Then, thanks to the collaboration of Nike, the Air Jordan shoes with the Jumpman logo (the image of Jordan hitting the ball into the basket) became popular worldwide. When signing Michael Jordan, Nike only hoped to sell $3 million worth of shoes. However, in the first year, Air Jordan brought in sales of up to 126 million USD.

The first shoe, the Air Jordan 1, remains one of the world’s most popular sneakers, a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast.

The current Air Jordan shoes are not only available in red and black, but also in a full range of colors from blue to orange, with all designs from high-collar Jordan to low-collar Jordan. Here are some ways to coordinate with women’s Air Jordan for your girlfriend’s reference.

Air Jordan shoes are the top choice for sports activities. You can combine Jordan with leggings when going to the gym or yoga. The jacket can be crossed around the hips when going down the street to avoid objection.

Sneakers and jeans are an inseparable pair. You can choose pants that are above the ankle to show off your shoes, or roll up your pants to increase neatness and reduce the situation of sloppy trousers.

If you like hip-hop style, don’t ignore the style of jogger pants combined with Air Jordan. You can wear a T-shirt that is slightly below the waist, or a crop top to show off your active figure. Add a toad backpack or crossbody bag to complete the combo for a day out.

If you want to play sports, a pair of shorts with Air Jordan shoes is the first choice. You can choose jeans shorts, leather pants or fashionable cotton pants.

For girls who are passionate about dancing, sneakers are an inseparable friend. You can combine Air Jordan shoes with sundresses, jogger pants or mini skirts to dance to the music.

This outfit is suitable for girls with tall stature, because long pants can drown your figure when combined with sneakers. Therefore, be very careful when deciding to combine trousers with sneakers.

As for high-necked Air Jordan shoes, no matter how you mix them, they still look very aggressive. Therefore, high-heeled shoes may not be suitable for everyday wear, but more appropriate for occasions when you want to be “cool”, like birthday parties. You can combine high-collar Air Jordan shoes with short skirts, jeans or hip-hop pants.

Air Jordan shoe models today are extremely diverse, each shoe can contain up to 6-7 striking colors. Therefore, you can completely combine Air Jordan with color block shirts or dresses, many eye-catching colors.

At any time you can combine sneakers with dresses and skirts. This style works well with both high and low-cut Jordan shoes. For the skirt, you can combine it with crop top or chiffon tops, youthful shirts. Dresses with sneakers are very diverse, floral dresses are a pretty suitable choice.

This outfit is suitable for teenage girls who don’t want to be messy, but just want to put on a t-shirt, put on shoes and go out. Although very simple, but hoodie combined with sneaker always helps you look a few years younger.

This bunker outfit set is always popular with female rappers. If you want to rock a little, then combine it with a crop top.

Above are the ways to coordinate with low and high neck Jordan women’s shoes for your reference. It has been more than 35 years since its launch, the Air Jordan shoes have survived with time, the colors are increasingly diverse. New manufacturing technologies are also constantly being applied to help Air Jordan shoes become more durable, airy and light. Buy yourself at least a pair of Air Jordans, you won’t be afraid of going out of style.

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