Vintage a fashion trend that shows off the sweet youthfulness

Vintage a fashion trend that shows off the sweet youthfulness

Amidst the multitude of futuristic fashion styles that are dominating the current women’s fashion field, stylish girls always have a special love for vintage – a classic fashion trend for women. All ages and body shapes. Whether it’s Spring-Summer or Autumn-Winter, the impressive mixes that blend past and present of this fashion trend are always very prominent.

Vintage a fashion trend that shows off the sweet youthfulness

One can find many reasons to love vintage clothing. From the quality of the fabric structure to the delicate, classic beauty of this fashion style, however, if you look at the history of more than 100 years to make the beauty of the vintage, it makes the fans love it even more. prefer this fashion style. Vintage style (also known as “retro” – retrospective) has evolved through the ages, providing fashionistas with a variety of classy and chic clothing trends that breathe classics of decades past.

Although it is widely known, the way to mix vintage clothes so that it is fashionable is something that not many people know. To help readers have more tips to conquer the trendy vintage style, along with Dep discover the following interesting secrets.

The nostalgic spirit of the old past never makes vintage items obsolete. With a harmonious combination of that classic spirit and modern futurist inspiration, the vintage style is enhanced as an affirmation of the gentle and seductive beauty of the contemporary woman.

In the past few years, vintage or retro trends have gradually returned to the playground of fashion houses and shaped modern fashion styles. The intersection between classic and modern creates new and trendy variations in both menswear and womenswear. In the new there is the old and in the present, the future always has the shape of the past, this spirit has been promoted by famous fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. in fashion collections

Flared skirt: This is an item associated with the image of dignified, feminine girls of the 1950s. Although the skirt designs still retain the same classic beauty as before, the fashion houses have been clever. Cleverly add modern details to help this item last forever and match many different outfits.

V-neck dress: V -neck dress designs on the eye-catching texture background of summer days, women still have many choices in color and fabric. Puff-sleeve, wrap-around or embellished button-down styles help flatter the wearer’s figure.

Shirt dress: The styles of shirt dresses that have been inherited from the classic beauty of decades in the fashion industry are now appearing with a new look, mixing a modern breath with a little aftertaste of the past. old nostalgia. If in the past, ladies opted for a pair of warrior shoes or Marry Janes, now vintage ladies can go with trainers or pointy heels for a more modern look.

Crop tops: Modern designers have come up with loose crop tops that are more unique than the shirt styles of the 1930s and 1940s. That’s why this item often seems to be attached. with a variety of women’s fashion styles. And vintage style is no exception.

Peasant blouse: Bow blouse and peasant blouse styles were most popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Although they are items that show the beauty of women, they are often made from materials. Synthetic makes the wearer feel uncomfortable. However, nowadays, a bow tie or peasant blouse made from linen, cotton-linen, satin or chiffon is a great outfit choice for all ladies.

Flare pants : This style of pants first appeared in marine wear and quickly became a fashion trend that became popular with women throughout the 1970s. Even to this day, styles of flare pants. flare, high back is always on the “wish-list” of stylish girls.

Mom jeans / Dad jeans: Mom jeans and dad jeans are both towards the spirit of freedom and flight. With a famous high-waist design, this is a style of pants that never goes out of fashion in women’s wardrobes.

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