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Many countries strengthen security during Christmas

Many countries strengthen security during Christmas

Law enforcement agencies in the US, Italy, Germany, UK… have stepped up measures to deal with possible terrorist plots during Christmas.

Many countries strengthen security during Christmas

On December 23, the US federal government asked law enforcement agencies in the country to be vigilant as supporters of the Islamic State (IS) group continued to call for carried out attacks on churches and other places of mass gathering during the year-end holiday.

The warning was issued after the IS group’s social media posted a list of US churches open to the public for Christmas and a few days after the December 19 attack in St. a Christmas market in the German capital Berlin, killing 12 people.

US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) spokesman Andrew Ames said US citizens are advised to watch out for their surroundings and promptly report suspicious activities.

InIn Italy , counter-terrorism measures have been stepped up across the country.

Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti joined with the Italian police chief to discuss countermeasures in the event of a terrorist attack. The Italian Anti-Terrorism Committee also meets to assess the risk of terrorist attacks in the country.

In the city of Bolzano, home to the most crowded and famous Christmas market in Northern Italy, security units have been put on high alert.

In the UK , the London Metropolitan Police have detailed plans for ensuring security at major events during the Christmas and New Year season.

Meanwhile, security measures have also been beefed up in Germany .
In connection with the truck crash into the Christmas market in Berlin on the evening of December 19, the suspect, Anis Amri (Tunisian) was shot dead by Italian police on the outskirts of Milan, Italy at dawn on 23/02. twelfth.

At a press conference on the afternoon of December 23 (local time), the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office officially confirmed the above information.

The Federal Prosecutor General of Germany said that although the suspect responsible for the attack has been eliminated, prosecutors will continue to investigate the case to determine the possibility of a support network, in It is possible that the accomplices helped the suspect prepare, carry out the attack, and escape.

The Belgian capital Brussels was placed in a state of heightened security in the context that on December 23, Belgian police discovered a homemade bomb placed in front of the Turkish Federation headquarters at 72 St. Josaphat, district Schaerbeek.

Authorities said the newly found explosive device included a gas cylinder and ignition system wrapped in a plastic bag that was placed in front of the building. Police quickly located the scene and successfully neutralized this dangerous explosive device.

Meanwhile, French police are conducting “interceptors” and checking the erection of concrete barriers at Christmas markets.
Authorities contacted the organizers of the Christmas market to check all security measures, including baggage checks, to prevent terrorism.

Following the Australian Foreign Ministry’s warning to citizens to “exercise extreme caution about the threat of terrorism in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand”, Indonesian authorities mobilized more than 150,000 staff after police discovered the schemes. The plan of a group affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) plan to carry out a suicide attack campaign around Christmas.

In Thailand , steps to tighten security around the New Year have been taken, although there is no “specific information” about a possible terrorist attack.

Security in Australia is being tightened when the police in this country have just promptly prevented a terrorist attack plot against the city of Melbourne, Victoria during Christmas.

Police arrested five suspects, including four 20-year-olds born in Australia, but of Lebanese origin, and an Australian of Egyptian descent.

Investigators seized several pending parts of an improvised explosive device.

The targets of this terrorist plot were several famous locations in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, including Flinders station and St. Paul.

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