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Valentino haute couture spring summer 2022 collection the dissection of high-end tailoring to orient future values

Valentino haute couture spring summer 2022 collection the dissection of high-end tailoring to orient future values

People have always praised the glitz and glamor of Haute Couture outfits. More than containing the quintessence of the fashion house’s superior craftsmanship, Haute Couture is also the most splendid jewelry that adorns the wearer’s fashionable class. With the Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Pierpaolo Piccioli “dissected” the Couture line to bring a new shape to this outfit for the future.

Valentino haute couture spring summer 2022 collection the dissection of high-end tailoring to orient future values

True to the name “Anatomy of Couture”, the current Creative Director of fashion house Valentino has analyzed the Haute Couture line from many different perspectives to find a new direction. for high-end tailoring. For any fashion house when embarking on Haute Couture, they already have the best role model in their hands, both in terms of personal taste and the brand’s own heritage.

From that model, it is possible to enhance the appearance of the models on the catwalk. However, what the male designer wants in this collection is to break all the rules and set different standards based on physique, body size as well as age. Because the core of high-end tailoring is not only encapsulated in craftsmanship and artistic value, but also in the fit for each customer.

“ The body changes with age. We can still be beautiful, but our bodies are no longer the same. I want to retain the beauty of my body during that time of change, ” said designer Pierpaolo Piccioli. Those initial ideas led Valentino’s Creative Director to discover the physical beauty of each person of all shapes and ages, thereby asserting their own identity through the flexibility of brocade. size.

Renowned as one of the fashion house’s masters of shaping and perfecting proportions, Pierpaolo Piccioli breathes new life into high-end tailoring with bold yet unpretentious cut-outs. less sophisticated in the BST.

In addition to the outfits with the extremely delicate cuts, the minimalist black and white designs, which are already associated with the luxury of the Haute Couture line, appeared prominently on the catwalk in many forms. different shapes. Not stopping there, fashion items with more sophisticated designs such as feather dresses, jackets that create puffy and ruffled effects… satisfy the eyes of the opposite people.

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