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UNDECEMBER sets Open Beta date for Korean players

UNDECEMBER sets Open Beta date for Korean players

Undecember, a Korean hack and slash game, by the combination of Line Games and Needs Game, will officially launch to the Korean gaming community on January 13, 2022.

UNDECEMBER sets Open Beta date for Korean players

It is expected that the game will be available on the world market with an English version at the beginning of next year. Therefore, we can all hope to enjoy this game as soon as possible.

After defeating and sealing the creature, the descendants of the 12 gods lived in peace, but using the power of Runes, summoning the gods as well as opening the seal for the violent demon, the war began. from now.

In Undecember, players will certainly have to embark on their own journey in the dark dungeon system, combining skills and acquired items to complete the game.

Players can participate in many PvE modes, coordinate with teammates to overcome copies, or even fierce PvP. In particular, you can completely customize your character to your liking with the amount of equipment earned and your own style.

Undecember is built with Unreal Engie graphics, so it’s really sharp and realistic. There is also a PC version, so it is likely that there will be a Cross-plaform version of this game.

Giants Uprising Early Access: Put your brain away and unleash your smash

Giants Uprising is a new game that has just launched into Early Access on Steam, in the action genre with an interesting setting: you are a imprisoned giant, just escaped and on the way to freedom. In the process, gamers will face many armies blocking the way, defeating many enemies of similar size, destroying a series of houses, villages, and strongholds. Sounds very promising, doesn’t it? Let’s experience with us to see if Giants Uprising is really that interesting or not!

Set in a medieval world but filled with elements of magic and mythical creatures, Giants Uprising puts gamers in the role of giant Rogbar, a member of a noble, wise race. The wise once ruled the world but was betrayed and enslaved by humans. Many giants were killed, the survivors were used as weapons or brought into the arena for entertainment. Ragnar belongs to the following group: he is thrust into an arena and must fight other survivors of his race, the loser will be executed.

In the process, Ragnar meets and befriends a human called Kielbasa, and the two decide to escape. The escape couldn’t be easier, as Rogbar used his size and strength to smash through massive wooden doors, kicking soldiers in the way and dashing out into the arena in just a few steps. foot. From here, Rogbar’s journey to escape really begins, as the human nobles don’t want a giant slave beyond their control.

This is a fairly simple and straightforward setup, relatively believable and enough to let players quickly get into the story. However, the author always feels “cold” whenever he has to listen to the language that Rogbar’s race uses. What he emitted was only a series of incomprehensible growls from his throat, sounding more like the communication of an inanimate beast than a rational creature. This may be one of the reasons contributing to the failure of the giants, as they cannot effectively transmit information and knowledge to each other.

With the above context, readers can easily guess what the content of Giants Uprising is. The game will let you freely smash human facilities, trample armies and knock up knights as if they were paper dolls. This strength makes us wonder how Rogbar was able to be locked in a crude and fragile arena for so long, but perhaps this is one of those cases where “brain off” doesn’t think. will make the game more interesting.

To show the strength of the main character, gamers can use a few different attacks, although quite limited. You can punch, trample, pick up some items to swing or throw at your opponent. The ability to block and dodge also exists, and becomes especially useful when the player needs to face other enslaved giants. In these battles, a wise strategy is to play “counter-defense” – you hold the block button, wait until your opponent stops attacking to launch a move, and then block again when he counters.

All in all, the battles with other giants – what should be the most exciting moment in the game – are not as exciting as expected. You don’t get to see the ground-shaking struggles between two giant flesh-and-blood creatures, but only the boring “you punch me, I punch back” phases. The development team promises that in the near future, they will update more skills to help these battle screens become more exciting and suffocating.

Unlike the fights with fellow humans, we find it much more interesting to plow through small armies, rush through fences, watchtowers or houses. When you see the human figures that Ragbar splatters with just a footstep or a hand sweep, you really get a sense of Rogbar’s overwhelming physique and size compared to humanity.

However, the developer has a bit of a strange balancing act. Rogbar has a skill tree but they are still quite monotonous, just increasing the damage to existing skills, not adding new skills, making its value very low. As a giant, it is understandable that block moves can completely block damage, but Rogbar is “tied” with a short and very limited stamina bar. We wish we could erase this fitness bar to turn Rogbar into a real war machine, not a giant with childish stamina.

Besides, the proportions of buildings, houses, and trees in the game are a bit confusing. It’s hard to say whether Rogbar is too big, the building is too small or the people in the game… don’t know how to build. You will see holes in the stone wall that are too high for humans, too low for giants, and a variety of items that make you doubt their proportions. Due to these “inconsistencies”, sometimes we feel like we are really giants, other times we think we are of normal size, just because the people of this world are so small!

As you can see in the screenshots and trailers, the visuals of Giants Uprising are just barely adequate. It is not really impressive, not detailed or flashy enough to conquer gamers at first sight. The smoke and fire effects, the physics are just mediocre, and the overall dark, heavy tone of the game also makes it less eye-catching.

The only bright part of the graphics is probably the ragdoll effects that you can see when the tiny soldiers are knocked over by Ragnar’s power, only unfortunately every time you perform moves that can do For this, it also comes with a phase… a small frame drop. Hopefully the developer can continue to optimize the game’s graphics and make the game smoother.

We also want to add that in addition to the pluses and minuses mentioned above, you may also need to pay attention to the machine configuration. Many gamers complain that the game often drops frames or stops for a few seconds, even though they have a terrible machine configuration.

On the sound side, in addition to the giant race’s language not matching their intelligence, the sound effects of the attacks showed the necessary feeling of “force”. This is the plus point that Giants Uprising has, although it must be said that this is not necessarily enough to convince gamers to come to the game.

The developer said that in about 6-12 months of Early Access, the game will continue to be updated based on feedback from gamers. The final version of the game will have more locations, cities will be larger and more detailed, players will be able to use more weapons. The giants in Giants Uprising will also be added with new types of attacks, new equipment to help them become even more skilled, making gamers have more interesting matches in the arena.

However, at the moment, a promise is just a promise. So far, the game has indeed received 2 updates to fix some bugs and technical problems when playing, but that is not enough. During the experience of Giants Uprising, we still noticed frame problems when playing, possibly due to the unoptimized environment with highly detailed items, high resolution surface textures . If you don’t own a huge PC rig, maybe you should wait a bit longer for the developer to improve the frame rate.

Besides, the duration of the game is also very short. The game’s plot is still incomplete and the single player only lasts about 2 hours, while the multiplayer mode does not exist yet. Therefore, players will “eat up” all the content of Giants Uprising in a short time, and when the fighting and smashing phases lose their new feeling, you will no longer want to return to the game.

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