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Valorant Team Liquid ‘soulcas’ think KAY/O will be the top Agent in the meta

Valorant Team Liquid 'soulcas' think KAY/O will be the top Agent in the meta

At the time of his release, KAY/O didn’t receive much of a welcome from pro players, as in Master Three Berlin, the Agent only had a dismal pick rate of around 2%. , according to VLR.gg . He’s only been picked on three maps out of 66, and all by 100 Thieves. But here at VCT Champions, that pick rate has increased to 18%, with 38% on Ascent and 40% trusting at Breeze.

Valorant Team Liquid ‘soulcas’ think KAY/O will be the top Agent in the meta

Personally, the British player Dom “soulcas” Sulcas of Team Liquid, he thinks that playing KAY/O is more than just a hobby for him. This Agent’s diverse skill set has great potential when it comes to teaming up in each map, and sooner or later KAY/O will become a boss in the current meta. “soulcas” in an interview after the win over Cloud9 Blue in the quarter-finals of the VCT Champions, he said: “I can do some stupid tricks, I can also do some smart moves. Those are the two should-haves of every balanced Agent. I think he will soon become one of the best Agents. Especially after this tournament, I think we will see most of the teams play KAY/O, at least in certain maps.”

Team Liquid and individual “soulcas” are very fond of using KAY/O. They used this Agent 4 out of 7 different maps, in which they won 3 maps (Bind, Breeze and Haven). “soulcas” also explained that at the time of debut, people did not have much time to adapt to the operation of KAY/O, which made professional players not really confident with their players. this lesson. But now that after a long period of practice, “soulcas” is confident that KAY/O will be an indispensable member of any future lineup.

League of Legends: Extremely heavy error from the soul of the Dragon Transformation Technique that teleports the player to the respawn point

Right from the launch of the 2022 Pre-Season, Tech Dragon and Chemical Dragon are two new dragons that have created a lot of public opinion in the League of Legends community. Tech Dragon has received countless compliments and positive responses from players. However, the chemical dragon is the opposite when there is a lot of negative feedback from the community about many errors that have happened with dragon souls.

The base power when slaying the Chemical Dragon allows the player to deal extra damage to enemies with more health (increasing percentage of bonus damage at each stack). Regarding the effect of the team that has the Dragon Soul, the player will gain a passive that helps them fall into the “Zombie” state for a short time after death.

Therefore, the power plus the novel effects from the Dragon Soul can be of great help in combat, giving the team a huge advantage from the “Zombie” state. However, since the appearance of the Dragon Transformation Technique, League of Legends has made a lot of errors in the game, there are even 5 more errors in the 2022 Pre-Season period.

There was an error when the player couldn’t revive the champion after dying for the player . Recently, the chemical dragon has suffered a total of 5 other errors that have caused a lot of trouble and discomfort for the player experience.

According to the video posted by Vandiril, we can see that when Yasuo possessed the dragon soul and was about to die, he was immediately teleported back to his respawn point and lost his “Zombie” status. “. So the 5 errors that happened in the video are:

This isn’t even the first time the Chemistry dragon has encountered major bugs. Many players commented negatively that the dragon soul’s zombie transformation effect did not always work and caused them to have extremely unpleasant experiences. It was because the creation of this new Chemical Dragon was incomplete that caused some problems in the game and caused Riot to receive a lot of criticism for the Dragon redesign in the 2022 Pre-Season.

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