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Top 7 upcoming mobile games on iOS that are expected in the near future

Top 7 upcoming mobile games on iOS that are expected in the near future

There will be a lot of interesting and attractive mobile games coming to the global game market in the near future that players should not miss.

Top 7 upcoming mobile games on iOS that are expected in the near future

Cyber ​​Fighters is a free stickman style game with a cyberpunk theme, a great mix of action, role-playing and fighting games.

Fans of the classic fantasy action fighting game will be amazed as they fight in an epic shadow battle, infinite hack and slash with an exhilarating fast tempo. You can choose from 5 unique Cyber ​​warriors with diverse skills and fighting styles.

Not only possessing amazing graphics, cool character designs with combat effects that create extreme excitement, Cyber ​​Fighters mobile game can also be played even without an internet connection, allowing you to enjoy the feeling. sense of slashing action at any time.

Icarus M: Riders of Icarus is developed by Korean game company WeMade Entertainment. The game uses modern Ureal Engine 4 graphics technology to bring a beautiful world with smooth movements and attacks. Along with that is the flying screen without space limitation.

Players will be able to choose 1 of 5 character classes Gladiator, Artist, Wizard, Ranger and Assassin. This mobile game exploits the plot of Western mythology with a rather massive architecture, a large castle, a large landscape that expands all 3 floors of space for players to enjoy and explore.

Gamers will go catch legendary animals that can fly like unicorns, winged horses, giant birds … and especially cool dragons with the ability to spew fire. The battles take place both on the ground and in the air, bringing a lot of excitement to the player.

Genshin Impact is an open world action role-playing game that takes place in a vast fantasy continent called Teyvat. The game offers a lively open world, many characters fighting and exploring led by a compelling story.

Moreover, the game will continue to expand with more cities and more storylines. At the same time, new characters and updated seasonal events in the new versions will enrich the gameplay and exploration in the continent of Teyvat. In particular, Genshin Impact offers both classic single player mode and cross-platform co-op mode for up to four players.

Based on a light novel series, this mobile game is created in the scenario that after the war ends, a genetic engineering disaster has descended on humanity. When disaster strikes, creatures that are transformed into monsters are called Creatures, and only girls who have turned into OVEs can defeat these Creatures. The player’s task is to select and develop OVEs to fight against hordes of monsters.

GODDESS KISS: OVE is carefully invested in terms of character graphics. The game launched more than 100+ female characters with beautiful anime graphics, cute voice acting and building a separate story for each character. Players can power up and build bonds with characters. The gameplay allows using up to 5 characters based on the function of each OVE to battle. GODDESS KiSS: OVE owns more than 300+ rounds of different fighting systems that are extremely attractive.

Entering the world of Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen , players will transform into heroes empowered by mysterious masks with a mission to fight the evil forces raging in society. Players will discover runes, relics along the way and even receive the blessings of guardians and magical allies.

Possessing an idle role-playing game, this mobile game still adds many new elements to bring both familiar and unique experiences. You will master chains of orbs to unleash each unique attack. Also use special orbs wisely to strengthen your squad.

The content of Chrono Traveler begins when the player awakens after more than 1000 years. It is not clear who is an ally and who is an enemy. Players will have to fight to find out the truth.

Using light tactical gameplay and owning a huge character collection, Chrono Traveler brings an extremely attractive game. The anime-style 2D graphics are extremely cute and the background music and voiceovers make the characters come to life like never before.

The publisher also wants to turn this mobile game into a real arena. Therefore, the game’s PvP mode is very invested and has a complete ranking system so that players can challenge themselves more.

Using comic book-style character designs and classic pixel graphics, publisher Super Planet has created more than 40 characters from history along with countless legendary items. The features of the Sword Master Story mobile game are the characters that can Level Up (Level Up), Rebirth (Rebirth) and Ascension (Transcendence). The voiced sound is so cute that the goddesses seem to be close to you.

Possessing infinitely many gates so that players can collect dreamlike goddesses, Sword Master Story also has different game modes such as PvP so that players can confront other players and climb to the top of the World. . The Guild system also allows players to connect with comrades; This includes activities such as defending the State’s territory, hunting Bosses, or challenging other guilds.

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