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Top 10 excellent games thanks to Ray Tracing technology

Top 10 excellent games thanks to Ray Tracing technology

Although it requires powerful hardware, thanks to itself getting better and better, as well as the appearance of FPS increasing technologies such as DLSS or FSR, Ray Tracing has become more and more popular. more accessible to gamers. Currently on the market there are quite a few games that support ray tracing already. If you want to experience Ray Tracing to see if it’s as beautiful as rumored, or simply want to test the power of your PC, here are the top 10 excellent games thanks to Ray technology. Tracing.

Top 10 excellent games thanks to Ray Tracing technology

This role-playing game is loved by many gamers, and Ray Tracing has raised the graphics level one more level to make the already eye-catching image even more attractive. When it was first released, Final Fantasy XV was considered one of the games used to benchmark PC hardware performance. That alone is enough for us to know how confident Square Enix is ​​about the graphics of Final Fantasy XV.

If your PC is powerful enough to enable Ray Tracing, then take this opportunity to experience the magical world of Final Fantasy XV to the fullest. Even when entering combat, surrounded by bosses and many enemies, and the characters constantly deploy all kinds of flashy moves, the FPS level is still very stable. This proves that the developer has completed his task very well in optimizing the game in general and the Ray Tracing feature in particular.

Although The Medium suffered from some plot issues, the developer at least tried something new, looking to incorporate some elements to exploit the game’s theme of damage. injury, death and the afterlife. In addition to the background music, the creepy graphics in the game are also made very convincing thanks to the Ray Tracing feature.

This game has a rather unique mechanism, in which you are a character with the ability to travel to the world of spirits. By being able to survive in both worlds, you’ll learn how to solve puzzles and use your protagonist’s psychic superpowers to fend off hostile forces. Plus the Ray Tracing feature, the contrast between these two worlds becomes more pronounced, as well as the way the light interacts with the two worlds become much more realistic, helping gamers easily immerse themselves in the world. world in The Medium.

When we combine Ray Tracing technology with one of the best FPS shooters of all time, the results are almost certainly beyond amazing. Although Ray Tracing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is applied not too much, it is still enough that once you have opened the game to play, you cannot help but be overwhelmed by the scene that appears before your eyes.

Shadow effects become more realistic when Ray Tracing is turned on, object surfaces also reflect light more accurately, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in the fierce battle that is taking place right before their eyes. In addition, the soft shadow effect is also made very detailed, helping players feel the distance from the light source to the object, thereby giving the game more depth.

This is a game that many gamers are looking forward to, partly because it comes from the famous developer CD Projekt Red, which is famous for the cult role-playing game series The Witcher. In terms of graphics alone, thanks to Ray Tracing, when the Night City in the game was lit, the lighting effects were done very carefully. For example, if the rain has just stopped, there will be puddles of water reflecting the lights and signs around.

This is a city full of neon lights, so Ray Tracing has a lot of acting ground. The lights will overlap to form layers, opening up a cyberpunk-style space exactly as the manufacturer intended. During the day, the rays also look very natural, reflecting on buildings and vehicles on the road to create a city full of life.

Ark is a game with beautiful graphics when creating a vivid and colorful environment. Although the game is not perfect, it still suffers from graphical glitches, but it is hard to deny the wonderful flashy feeling it gives gamers who experience this game for the first time.

While Ark doesn’t have Ray-Tracing, it still takes advantage of other RTX graphics features like DLSS. Since gamers spent hundreds of hours in the world of Ark, any change in the game’s graphics is welcomed by gamers, because who doesn’t want to explore a wild world? full of dinosaurs are getting more and more beautiful.

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