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The crown season 5: the return of “fashion icon Diana”

The crown season 5: the return of "fashion icon Diana"

The Crown season 5 not only recreates the love story of Princess Diana but also recounts her journey to becoming a fashion icon.

The crown season 5: the return of “fashion icon Diana”

The long-running TV series The Crown on Netflix attracts many interested viewers because of its content revolving around the life of the British Royal family.

The first season, which premiered in 2016, ushered in the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne at the age of 25. By 2022, the fifth season is about to premiere with the central story of the arduous relationship between Princess Diana and her husband’s family. The story of the princess with thousands of lovers makes the audience extremely anticipated.

Season 5 of The Crown series will premiere on November 9, 2022, on Netflix. Before the movie premieres, let’s take a look at the first images released by Netflix with Harper’s Bazaar. Although it is not known how season 5 of The Crown will proceed, the images on the film of actress Elizabeth Debicki look almost exactly like the late Princess Diana. Fans can fully hope that the film will revive a fashion icon once – Princess Diana.

Despite the controversies in married life, the image of Princess Diana is still engraved in the hearts of fans as a fashion icon and benevolent heart. Since her marriage had problems, she gave up the “high-walled glass” style of dress. The dress styles of the late princess have been recreated by Netflix in season 5 of The Crown.

Princess Diana is remembered as a fashion icon for always choosing easy-to-wear but memorable outfits, simple shapes that flatter her figure. The uniform suit is a familiar choice of the princess when appearing in public. The Crown season 5 recreated many memorable suits of Princess Diana. For example, a lotus-neck purple suit with a pearl necklace, the late princess’s favorite jewelry.

It can be seen that in a few scenes and images revealed, actress Elizabeth Debicki looks exactly like the late princess. Certainly, the style of dressing like Princess Diana – a synchronized suit with a waist belt and pearl jewelry – will once again cause a fever among fans after season 5 of The Crown premieres.

It is not always possible for the production team of The Crown to completely recreate the wings of the late Princess Diana. But even though the costumes may not be 100% the same, the spirit is still fully conveyed.

Here, for example, actress Elizabeth Debicki wore a floral print dress and ’90s-style sunglasses. The dress was not 100% identical to the original design that Diana wore but conveyed the late princess’s loving spirit. . Next to her is Dominic West (playing Prince Charles) in a brown tweed suit, tie, and aviator glasses.

This scene may depict a trip in 1991, when the couple, along with their two sons William and Harry, went to Italy. The trip took place a few months before the announcement of the separation.

This sparkling blue dress was worn by the princess on her last official outing with the royal family. Even though the dress has a simple shape, it still attracts many people’s eyes immediately, thanks to Diana’s confident charisma. In the film, actress Elizabeth Debicki wore a slightly different dress model – a bib-shaped neck instead of a two-string square neck. This adjustment helps the outfit better fit the actress’s physique.

In June 1994, the same day that Prince Charles implicitly admitted to having an affair with Camilla, Princess Diana appeared at a London event in a black off-the-shoulder mini dress. The design, designed by Christina Stability to “make shoes” for the princess, is considered too revealing for royal dress standards. But it was very suitable for the mood of the late princess at that time when finally freed from the shackles of royal etiquette.

The “revenge” dress created an unprecedented precedent in British royal history: A member of the royal family flaunted her body in public. Through the daring dress, Diana implicitly asserted her personal strength. The Crown season 5 cannot ignore this historical image of Princess Diana.

These are just a few examples of what The Crown season 5 will bring. Based on what the film has done in the past and these teasers, fans of the film in general and Princess Diana, in particular, have every right to look forward to her re-imagining. Although her life was short, what she left behind is a monument to both fashion and feminism.

The official poster of part 5 of The Crown movie is the appearance of Diana and Charles in the front with the title: “A family divided”. The image of the couple stands at the edge of the frame while Queen Elizabeth II (played by Imelda Staunton) stands firm in full focus as the center of the family. Predictably, Diana and Charles’ marriage is the focus of this season.

Princess Diana’s full name is Diana Frances Spencer. Princess of Wales was born on July 1, 1961, and died on August 31, 1997. She was the first wife of Charles – Prince of Wales (later King Charles III), and eldest son of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Diana became famous after she married the Prince of Wales. Her life became the subject of public attention due to her royal status and social activities. During her time as Princess of Wales, Diana performed royal duties on behalf of the Queen. She was praised by the media for her unconventional approach to charity work.

From activities related to children and young people. To the AIDS patients and the demining campaign. She also raises awareness and advocates for people with cancer and mental illness. Because of her humanitarian heart and social activities, she quickly gained public popularity and helped maintain her reputation.

However, she and Prince Charles did not have a happy marriage. After a few years of separation, they decided to divorce in 1996, ending 15 years of marriage.

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