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Taylor Swift returns to the image of a princess in the mv bejeweled

Taylor Swift returns to the image of a princess in the mv bejeweled

At midnight on October 24 (US time) or 11 a.m. on October 25 (Vietnam time), Taylor Swift released the MV “Bejeweled”. Inspired by the story of Cinderella but no longer a princess in “Love Story”, Taylor Swift becomes an independent queen in her own castle.

Taylor Swift returns to the image of a princess in the mv bejeweled

The Midnights album released at 11 am on October 21 (Vietnam time) tells the story of 13 sleepless nights in Taylor Swift’s life. Within the first 24 hours of its release, Midnights became Spotify’s most streamed album, breaking previous records. The album has not cooled down, the female singer continuously released MVs with interesting perspectives and stories. First Anti-Hero and now Bejeweled – both MVs were directed by Taylor Swift herself.

Keeping the spirit of “midnight”, MV Bejeweled – the second MV of the album – was also released at 12 o’clock. Taylor Swift has revealed about Bejeweled through her recent Instagram teasers: “Unleash your turning points with a fairy tale we all know. About the girl, her sisters, and the clock ticking twelve o’clock at night…”

MV Bejeweled is a product written and directed by Taylor Swift, inspired by the Cinderella fairy tale everyone knows. “When I think about Midnights, when do we talk about midnight the most? Of course, it’s the Cinderella fairy tale. So what if I make a brand new version of Cinderella and invite my friends to join?”, Taylor Swift explained.

The stepmother is played by Oscar-winning actress Laura Dern, the stepsisters are played by HAIM, the prince is musician and producer Jack Antonoff, makeup artist Pat McGrath is the queen, and Dita is the queen. von Teese is the fairy godmother. The fact that Taylor Swift invited close friends to play the Bejeweled MV reminded people of Taylor many years ago with the powerful #GirlsQuad team in the Bad Blood MV.

The only person who wasn’t close to Taylor before filming the MV was Laura Dern. The singer shared, “I picked up the phone and called: ‘Laura Dern right? I just wrote the script. Your lines will call me country boy.’ And she agrees. She’s so cool. And now I have a new friend.”

Bejeweled opens with a witty skit. Taylor Swift plays Cinderella who is teased by her stepmother and stepsisters. But she didn’t care. Because she has the key to the power to transform herself. Then she meets the fairy godmother Dita Von Teese, who teaches her a seduction class that makes the prince fall in love. Then as soon as she received a marriage proposal from the prince, she kicked him to choose her own castle.

If in the original fairy tale, one can see the resignation in Cinderella, in the Bejeweled version, Taylor Swift thinks that Cinderella has enough power to overcome all hardships without a man. authorize. Through this independent image, viewers can partly understand the message that the female singer wants to convey. Each of us is a gem that can “light up a room on its own when we walk in”. And what need of a prince if we can have our own castle?

When she first debuted, Taylor Swift was called by many people a country music princess because of her feminine style and golden curly hair. Then when she switched to doing pop-influenced works, she opted for a more modern and personal look with her hair cut short and heavy makeup. Now, in the Bejeweled MV, it can be seen that Taylor Swift has combined her two previous styles to become a sexy yet stronger version than ever.

With costumes mostly regal antique designs – very suitable for Regencycore Fall Winter 2022 trends – such as capes and corsets. And true to the MV’s name, sparkling fashion dominates the MV.

Of course, to convey the message in the best way, Taylor Swift cleverly chooses outfits that show a strong personality, breaking the rules. Therefore, a corset, in the 17th century, is underwear worn under the body to shape the body. Now Taylor chooses corsets as outerwear.

In addition, the outfits in the Bejeweled MV also recall many of Taylor Swift’s previous shapes, making fans excited.

Immediately after taking off her servant clothes, she put on a large glittering cloak that concealed a black corset underneath. The black cape is reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s image in The Willow and Ready for it MVs. Some fans think that the same black robe, but this version is twice as sparkling, marking the return of Taylor Swift to magnificent pop music.

Shedding her cape, Taylor Swift revealed a black corset. It seemed so ordinary, but then thousands of stones came flying all over the corset. With makeup to create accents on the eyes, Taylor is extremely powerful and strong.

In the scene with Dita Von Teese, Taylor Swift put on another corset, more seductive when following the burlesque shape. Taylor’s image in this scene is reminiscent of the Wildest Dream MV, which also resonated greatly.

At each comeback, Taylor Swift not only entertains fans with creative and quality musical thinking. She is also doing well in the role of a visual message carrier. “I wanted to make a video full of sparkles and surprises for the fans,” the singer said. And Taylor Swift did just that when the Bejeweled MV hit 5.5 million views in just 11 hours of its release – no doubt because fans were rewinding!

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