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Ted baker spring summer 2022 britain’s golden heritage in the green steppe

Ted baker spring summer 2022 britain's golden heritage in the green steppe

Positive, fresh and radiant are adjectives that can be used to describe the Spring Summer 2022 collection from TED BAKER – a high-end fashion brand from the UK. The designs are an aesthetic tribute to British cultural heritage, the beauty of technical talent and the positive spirit that comes from moments in everyday life on the green prairies.

Ted baker spring summer 2022 britain’s golden heritage in the green steppe

Toile de Jouy is the name of a type of motif that uses landscape landscapes, daily life scenes or even historical and mythological images as the main theme. The images are usually shown on a white background, the motifs are often printed with solid ink in red , black , blue , etc.

In the Spring Summer 2022 collection, TED BAKER brought Toile de Jouy motifs to become the highlight of the designs. design, not only creating eye-catching effects, but also vividly portraying typical UK life and heritage on every yard of canvas.

In the words of creative director Anthony Cuthbertson: “A TOILE DE JOUY FOR THE BRITAIN OF TODAY”, Toile de Jouy successfully reinterprets the legacy of British golden age with renowned craftsmanship through a modern lens. , new and more fashionable, bringing tradition and modernity very distinctly.

Moreover, Toile de Jouy is also cleverly combined by TED BAKER with Wedgwood ceramic art – one of the industrial brands that is honored as the “father” of the British ceramic industry. Sophisticated and revered in the art world, this is a brand chosen by heads of state and located in the most luxurious locations in the world such as the Vatican, the Kremlin, the White House, etc.

TED BAKER has cleverly presented Britain’s most famous landmarks through Toile de Jouy motifs on sophisticated green ceramic. From the majestic “Angel of the North” statue to the world-class diverse ecosystem at Kew Royal Botanical Garden – all are creatively and clearly portrayed. on unique designs.

Since its inception, TED BAKER has made its mark on the fashion market with floral designs that are renewed every season. In the Spring-Summer 2022 season, the fashion house from “the land of fog” continues to tell its story through its signature magnolia flower motif – a symbol of lasting beauty, alongside bright natural motifs. created to highlight the positive spirit for the summer .

The freshness of the “green steppe” from the fashion house TED BAKER is also embellished with images of apple flowers and unique vegetable motifs. From dresses and women’s shirts with large patterns on colorful fabrics to shirts with drawings of ripe vegetables, all highlight the image of a joyful English garden. and full of life.

Appleseed prints are created attractively as an affirmation of beautiful British natural roots from the famous fashion house Ted Baker. With bold, vibrant colors and impressive large sizes, the collection marks a spectacular change of the fashion house in the new season.

TED BAKER’s Spring Summer 2022 collection is like a sketch of the green steppe, dotted with the radiance of flowers and the brightness of the British sunshine, depicting the most natural moments in the beautiful land. this.

The overall picture carries the vibrant mood of the summer days. The collection promotes the free and liberal spirit of life in the UK, but still retains the elegance and high-class inherent in everyday outfits.

Not only bringing the joy of summer, this collection of TED BAKER also carries a message of optimism and positivity, especially after the dark pandemic. TED BAKER has successfully conveyed the free, joyful spirit of England through bright, dynamic and highly functional designs.

The creators have cleverly come up with fashion mixes with versatile designs, suitable for summer weather. The “layering” style is now more liberal and comfortable than ever with a cool satin shirt design combined with a floral t-shirt and jeans from natural cotton.

Dresses with a classic shape, dotted with eye-catching, modern lace design with a convenient detachable lace collar are also one of the impressive highlights in the design. Since then, the cheerful spirit, flexible transformation and a very “British” way are expressed more clearly than ever, from designs, textures to the meaning conveyed in each product.

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