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Super People Mobile plans a global release

Super People Mobile plans a global release

The game is released by Wonder People for mobile on Android and iOS platforms. This is a game with a military context and atmosphere, where new types of soldiers will fight each other in a large map.

Super People Mobile plans a global release

These soldiers are named Super Soldiers and have different abilities that will help them destroy the enemy, conquer the battlefield.

The PC version currently has 12 different super warrior classes. Until the mobile version, it is unclear how many character classes the Korean game maker will introduce.

These super-soldiers will possess a unique type of weapon against enemies on different types of maps. Although Super People Mobile’s map is the same size as Erangel in PUBG, the initial circle will change depending on the number of players participating in the game.

“With Super People Mobile, we are ready to create a game that can change the world and want to share that journey with you, avid gamers. The product will be something that gamers around the world will love and care about” – the developer shared the creation of this product.

Over the years, we have been interested in developing the battle royale genre to give players a variety of exciting experiences. The game builds many different types of weapons with different fighting abilities and firepower.

The creation of the mobile version after the success of the PC, Super People Mobile will confirm its appeal and promise to conquer players who love the battle royale genre.

However, the product also faces competition with games of the same genre such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Rules of Survival…

The game publisher has not yet announced specific information about the release date of Super People Mobile. All information about this game will be continuously updated by us to readers.

Into the Echo – MMO game developed based on Unreal Engine 5

From ETLOK Studios, a new MMORPG has been announced – Into the Echo that will transport players to a new world called Raava and is an attempt to redefine the genre. A teaser was released recently with the announcement that the pre-alpha phase of the game will begin soon.

A relatively new development team – Toronto-based ETLOK Studios specializes in multiplayer experiences. Their first game, Into the Echo, was announced with an early trailer on IGN’s YouTube channel. The game doesn’t have an exact release schedule at the moment but ETLOK Studios promises they will update in the future.

The game’s trailer shows a rocky path leading to an elaborate gate and wall. Through a unique art style, the video shows structures resembling an ancient temple. Through a strange portal and rays of light in the ground play with unique symbols. A figure with a combination of armor and weapons approaches the portal, then disappears with chains. This trailer ends by showing the title of the game – Into the Echo. This new game seems to have elements of time travel and is said to change the MMORPG landscape through a new approach to gameplay.

Into the Echo is set to have a unique progression system, from player challenges, as well as a mix of PVP and PVE. The promises of time travel and events in this studio’s first project look very interesting, and it looks like more information will be announced soon. While many MMORPG titles have been around for a few years now, ETLOK Studios shows that the genre has gone through a period of transformation as technology advances.

Can’t judge much from the short trailer for Into the Echo from ETLOK Studios but it sounds like an interesting title. The developer promises to limit what they see as a disadvantage in the MMORPG world and promote other promising details.

But there is still the question of actual gameplay. While it looks like ETLOK Studios has completed some part of the title, the game is still in the pre-alpha stage. Which leaves a lot of unknowns with dozens of questions. Until players actually get their hands on Into the Echo, those interested will have to keep checking for updates by ETLOK Studios. Hopefully this game will join the list of games to expect in 2022.

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