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Initial information about Skull and Bones gameplay

Initial information about Skull and Bones gameplay

It’s been a long time since Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones got a development update, and at this rate it’s likely to take even more time before the final finished version is released. But until that happens, those eager to explore the golden age of piracy can look to a trusted source who has shared potentially relevant details to the picture of how the game is shaping up. Fort.

Initial information about Skull and Bones gameplay

It goes without saying that the development of this fascinating adventure has become more difficult than usual this year (2021). Four years after officially announcing the project, the title hasn’t made any moves except for its sound, largely because Ubisoft is trying to find a consistent vision for their title. As a result, Skull and Bones is said to have restarted development multiple times throughout development, leaving us with no clue as to what the current version actually looks like.

But that may have changed, because reliable leaker Tom Henderson has revealed some details regarding the gameplay of Skull and Bones and the different systems in one. his Twitter posts. Starting off, he announced that the ships would be divided into five levels based on size, ranging from small fishing boats to larger vessels, and they further divided into three different categories based on function: Transport, Combat and Exploration. While large ships can prove useful in sea battles, Henderson says smaller ships will also have their own benefits, such as being able to navigate shallow shores and small rivers.

Player development in the current version will be based on money earned through taking on jobs ranging from transporting goods to looting other ships, settlements and fortresses. The player starts with just a raft and then a small fishing boat, these goals will be the key to acquiring new methods of building ships. They can be equipped with a variety of weapons including cannons, pistols, flamethrowers and mortars, in addition to being upgraded with armor, furnaces and storage.

Henderson also provides a clearer idea of ​​how the Indian Ocean will serve as the game’s setting. While Skull and Bones’ map will mostly include the open sea, it will also include land-based locations such as the pirate’s paradise of Madagascar and the coast of Azania (present-day Morocco). Players will be able to roam these locations under and interact with NPCs, which will presumably be where players take on quests before setting sail and engaging in challenging naval battles.

The Twitter post ended with Henderson saying that the game isn’t finished but is currently in good development. Skull and Bones has run into a lot of trouble during development, so if Henderson’s claims are correct, this could be a sign that things may finally start to fall into place and Ubisoft’s MMO game will actually launch in the future.

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