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Princess kate middleton promotes the style of trousers that make her legs look longer than a meter

Princess kate middleton promotes the style of trousers that make her legs look longer than a meter

The design of the trousers with a straight leg, a straight shape, with a high waist makes the legs look one meter long and improves many body defects.

Princess kate middleton promotes the style of trousers that make her legs look longer than a meter

Since becoming the royal daughter-in-law, Duchess Kate Middleton has become an elegant fashion icon for many to learn. The main reason is because the princess does not have the body of a supermodel. But the way she chooses clothes is always smart, helping herself to look tall and neat.

Besides, she also favors daily wear from mid-priced brands. “If the princess dresses well, I must dress well” is what many people think – so they rush to buy the same products as Kate.

While the most viral images of Kate Middleton are on the red carpet or at solemn royal events, that’s just the flashy surface. The work of a royal princess is much more hectic.

Every week, the princess goes to the street to meet the subjects because of the philanthropic nature. The princess chose a minimalist, no-frills outfit to respect the meeting partner. And there is an item that constantly appears in the princess’s street style: Long straight-leg trousers dot the ground.

When talking about trousers for women, many women choose a figure that hugs their legs, reaching to the ankles. This shape and length is neat, avoiding the hem of the pants to quickly get dirty. However, this style of trousers is not too flattering – especially for short girls, with large thighs or legs, and bow legs.

The design of straight-leg trousers, a straight figure, covering the ankles of Princess Kate Middleton, on the contrary, is very flattering and can hide any defects. Again, neater when compared to the flares of culotte or palazzo pants.

High-waisted trousers with a leg stand create the illusion of long legs, especially when worn with high heels. Pairing straight trousers with heels of the same color is always the best way to cheat height.

Of course, this style of long trousers that touch the ground is not suitable for the rainy season.

If you have large but straight thighs and calves : High-waisted and over-ankle models are both good choices. Limit the choice of tight pants because it will emphasize the bigness of the thighs. Avoid glossy designs like satin pants.

If you have curvaceous legs : Choose pants with wide legs, whether it’s a straight cut or a loose fit like a palazzo. Prioritize materials that are thick and draped like velvet, cotton mixed with wool or silk.

If you are short : Prioritize standing-leg pants that cover your ankles to create the most tall feeling. Small leg pants cut at the ankle will make you look shorter. Loose pants (like a palazzo) are still good, but can make you look a little short when paired with a loose shirt. Pair with high heels.

If you’re tall : Try slightly flared trousers (like the 1970s and 2000s designs) for a bit of feminine curves.

The straight leg trousers that extended past the ankle were the first type of trousers women wore in the history of fashion.

The first time women wore suits with trousers was in the 1870s, when French actress Sarah Bernhardt shocked Paris with her masculine outfit. Coco Chanel’s 1920s design also used this style of pants. And in 1966, when Yves Saint Laurent launched the hot tuxedo Le Smoking, the designer also chose high-waisted trousers with a flare with a slight flare to honor the female figure.

Therefore, it can be said that straight-leg trousers are not a new trend, but a return to what is most classic in how to wear beautiful suits for women.

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