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Adidas samba the hottest sneakers in the world it-girl

Adidas samba the hottest sneakers in the world it-girl

Turning 72 years old, adidas Samba is still “cult” both on and off the football field. The versatility in countless combinations regardless of gender is the key advantage that made the 1950s sneakers so legendary. Especially when the vintage trend is “on the throne”, Samba is even more favored by trend-leading girls like Bella Hadid, Rihanna , Kendall Jenner , etc.

Adidas samba the hottest sneakers in the world it-girl

Before 1949, the standard men’s shoes of the time were not suitable for sports activities because they were slippery and could not firmly grip the surface of the stadium. One needed something with a more advanced sole but still comfortable and light for optimal movement. And so the adidas Samba was created in 1949 by the father of the brand – Adi Dassler.

Launched in 1950, the Samba features full-grain Kangaroo leather and a rubber sole that provides perfect traction on the ground. It is a lifesaver for football enthusiasts in the snowy winter and gradually covered with “small explosions” in the sports community.

Why is a shoe from Germany named Samba? Now, we have to go back to late 1949 to early 1950 and see from a broader perspective, both of adidas and the sports scene of the time. The year 1950 marked the return of the FIFA World Cup event after being canceled twice due to World War II. The event of this magnitude is held in Brazil.

Adi Dassler used this playground as the opening place for an era called adidas. Entering custom, the brand decided to name the shoes Samba, after a genre of music and dance of the indigenous Brazilian people. The name carries a cultural breath like a creed that has motivated players to choose adidas Samba in matches. This strategy helps them “one step in the clouds” on the international sports map.

Later, with a highly functional design, the presence of the “three-stripe shoe” is no longer limited to the grass field, but has spread to street fashion. It crept into different subcultures , including fashion with a “casual” style – very popular in the UK in the 70s and 80s. Like a way of determining the opposite person’s style is to look. in the shoes they wear, if it’s Samba, then the style is casual

This year, the presence of adidas Samba on the street became even more explosive by the “aura” of IT-Girls. They lift Kendall Jenner’s footsteps on the streets of New York, accompany Emily Ratajkowski in her daily activities, “pick up” Bella Hadid at Fashion Weeks and of course are also “trusted” by the mother. play” Rihanna. With the adidas Samba, people see more than just an item that comes and goes because the “triple-stripe shoe” is the focal point that brings every style back to its heart.

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