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Maison Margiela tabi shoes: “unchanging mind in the midst of a changing life”

Maison Margiela tabi shoes: “unchanging mind in the midst of a changing life”

Tabi makes you pay attention whether you like it or not. Anyone who sees the Tabi shoes must also make a judgment about their appearance – either love it or hate it. Rarely does a fashion item evoke these intense emotions?

Maison Margiela tabi shoes: “unchanging mind in the midst of a changing life”

Tabi shoes featuring the toe are always featured in the “Controversial Fashion Trends” ranking. But the noisy comments out there cannot make Maison Margiela falter, or lose its inherent charm. These shoes are really suitable for the saying: “The mind is not changed in the midst of life’s changes”.

In this article, learn more about the unique shoes from Maison Margiela with Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam.

Those who are familiar with Japanese culture will recognize inspiration from the country of the rising sun in Maison Margiela’s Tabi shoes. Designer Martin Margiela, impressed by traditional Japanese products, learned and brought that culture back to spread in the West. It can be said that Margiela is not the one who designed the split toe design, but the one who brought it into high fashion.

Specifically, the Maison Margiela Tabi shoes are inspired by the Japanese socks that originated in the 15th century. Thick socks, with split toe design, to wear with Japanese flip-flops (geta) Copy. The 1/3-foot split design is said to promote balance through toe separation – a holistic acupressure strategy that boosts mental clarity and clarity.

In the beginning, these split-toe socks were reserved only for the upper class due to the scarcity of cotton, but when trade opened to China, they became more popular. The original colors were also divided by class. The upper class wore purple and yellow socks, while Samurai and commoners were only allowed to wear blue.

Around the 1900s, socks were stylized as a type of boot when a rubber sole was added. They were called jika-tabi and are still used as work shoes in Japan today. Soft rubber sole helps workers move flexibly. The split toe allows them to easily use their feet to lift things from the ground.

It was these Jika-tabi shoes that inspired Martin Margiela. The first deluxe version was a boot model – Tabi Boots – which first appeared on the Maison Margiela catwalk in 1988. At the show, Margiela had models dip their feet in red paint and performed on the color catwalk. white.

The red footprints imprinted on the Maison Margiela catwalk became an unforgettable mark in that year’s fashion season, marking the debut of the famous Tabi shoes.

From the day it was released to the present time, this shoe has never been forgotten by the public. Many people commented that Maison Margiela’s Tabi design is the ugliest, least feminine shoe of all time, due to the rough toe division.

Ignoring the detractors, Tabi shoes still develop and become a masterpiece of Maison Margiela. The original design was for women’s boots, although the Japanese jika-tabi are unisex designs. It wasn’t until many years after Martin left the brand that bears his name that the manufacturer began producing Tabi boots for men. Now, the split-toe design is updated for every product line, from men’s western shoes to women’s summer sandals. Maison Margiela has successfully made Tabi a feature of its own brand. And the Tabi shoes became a coveted item: A pair of Tabi boots now starts at $1,100 per pair.

In addition to being a Maison Margiela classic, the Tabi shoes also inspire other contemporary designs.

It’s been 34 years since Tabi’s shoes first appeared. And it’s still being copied and learned. Even the latest split-toe designs appearing in 2022 of Céline, Balenciaga, and Schiaparelli … also remind others of the famous Tabi pair.

In later collections, the successor Creative Director – John Galliano – gradually transformed the Tabi shoes to make the design more intimate, with a variety of colors and materials to suit modern tastes. . In exciting times in the fashion industry, Tabi boots always appear in the streets and catwalks with a new look and continuous improvement. Tabi shoes have been reimagined into everything from sandals to sneakers.

The original design has existed for 34 years and shows no signs of fading. The fashion house did not change the look of the design, other than refreshing the shades and lengths of the boots.

Mirrored leather colors exude the disco spirit, and the patchy white paint represents the chaos of the world in recent years; and also classic heritage skin tones for men and women are also highly sought after.

In the sports world, Tabi boots have been transformed into Tabi sneakers. The silhouette of a sports shoe or skate shoe combined with a split toe line offers a fancy yet comfortable design that is no different from the Jika-tabi that inspired Maison Margiela.

This year’s fall-winter season is expected to be a revival of the ballet-inspired fashion style, reflected in tulle skirts, pastel pink outfits, and now soft doll shoes. commercial. Fortunately, the “wardrobe” Maison Margiela has a similar design.

Brogue is a style of elegant lace-up western shoes. This menswear accessory is loved by tomboy girls. Can be used in preppy, unisex, or classic elegance, brogues are becoming more and more popular with women.

If you are already a top leather shoemaker, of course, Maison Margiela has no reason to ignore the Brogue style. At first glance, it may seem strange and difficult to please, but this design still brings elegant “power” to every mix.

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