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Louis vuitton spring summer 2022 collection the flowery language of future fashion through the lens of nicolas ghesquière

Louis vuitton spring summer 2022 collection the flowery language of future fashion through the lens of nicolas ghesquière

As one of the enthusiasts of the enchanting beauty of futuristic fashion, Nicolas Ghesquière has launched the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2022 collection, featuring bold futuristic clothing designs inspired by the era. French royal decoration of the 70s and 80s.

Louis vuitton spring summer 2022 collection the flowery language of future fashion through the lens of nicolas ghesquière

Inspired by the prestigious fashion style of the French royal family, the sets in the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2022 collection captivate fashionistas from the very first seconds with the treatment of satin and silk tulle fabrics. and very delicate lace. At Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière was fascinated by the concept of time and the interrelationship between fashion and time. Known as a designer who loves to create new things by randomly combining things that seem impossible to find in common. But Nicolas Ghesquière has succeeded in building his own fashion realm, where all fashion rules are abolished. Therefore,

It is known that the Passage Richelieu palace is where the founder of Louis Vuitton met Empress Eugénie de Montijo in a discussion about cooperation in the production of exclusive chests. The show’s first designs were inspired by Empress Eugénie’s royal dress, with an accentuating waist with flared detail dating back to the 19th century.

Besides, the creative imprint of master designers Paul Poiret and Erté also appeared in a number of outfits in the Spring Summer 2022 collection with beaded hats and glasses made in the Art Nouveau school. However, Nicolas Ghesquière has breathed new life into the classic design, highlighting the formality of Paul Poiret and Erté by randomly combining dresses with denim pants, or formal tailcoats with flared dresses and boots.

As for Nicolas Ghesquière, he was particularly interested in the vague line between past, present and future. “ I like the image of a vampire that has been immortalized through the years, that image is very suitable for today’s fashion style, ” said Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director of Women’s Fashion. And that was also the inspiration for him to come up with polka-dotted gowns or accent blouses with lace necklines to create a ruffled effect reminiscent of European aristocracy’s evening gowns. old.

As mentioned above, layering is the formula that creates a breakthrough in the sets of the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2022 collection by combining fashion items randomly, even contrasting with each other. Accordingly, Nicolas Ghesquière wants to send a message to the world: It’s time to see fashion with more open eyes, dare to express your personality by trying things that seem impossible.


Miles Chamley-Watson – fencing champion born in 1989 has officially become the newest member of the Richard Mille extended family.

Miles Chamley-Watson first “touched” with fencing at Dwight School in Manhattan, USA. The teachers thought that would be the way to control the boy’s hyperactivity. But for Miles, it was the door that opened up so many opportunities for him: becoming an Olympic medalist and the first US fencing athlete to win an individual Senior World Championship. His style is so unique that there’s a special line named after it – “The Chamley-Watson”: a deft shot from behind towards his opponent.

“ Time is the flow in my sport. You can train for a lifetime, but cumulative ticks will make the difference between a Gold medal and nothing. I train my mind in slow motion. I connect with my nervous system, unlocking my mind and setting my sequence of movements ,” he shared.

Miles does an intense brain workout and yoga session with her trainer. He often uses virtual games to help his brain model focus. “ Obviously I go to the gym every day, but my mind is my weapon. It will be largely responsible for directing the sword during competition.”

Five years ago, Miles made his list of dream travel companions, and Richard Mille was at the top of them. “ We are both different. It’s a brand that always takes risks. And I have a “Risk” tattoo on my arm and I look at it for inspiration every time I play. In the latest images taken for Richard Mille, Miles wears the RM 67-01 automatic self-winding movement in diamond-set white gold.

“ I love seeing the movement, and the dial, of this watch,” says Miles. That’s what fencing is all about: precision, timekeeping, and style. Above all, this is a brand that refuses to do the same things as everyone else. You dare to be different, just like me. We should join forces and change the world! ”

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