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How to wear a beautiful turtleneck for 5 working days in a standard week it girl

How to wear a beautiful turtleneck for 5 working days in a standard week it girl

When the foliage begins to change color, the weather is cold, that’s when we know “autumn weather changes new clothes”. That’s also when the wardrobe of office girls also began to shift from thin to thick, from short to long. And among them is the indispensable turtleneck.

How to wear a beautiful turtleneck for 5 working days in a standard week it girl

In cold weather, replacing your shirt with a turtleneck or turtleneck will help you stay warm and look chic again.

A Turtleneck shirt (also known as a turtle neck shirt) exudes elegance and sophistication, becoming a classic item of office sisters every time it is collected. However, that classic will sometimes be boring if not refreshed. Fortunately, turtlenecks can easily be varied.

Like a shirt or t-shirt, a turtleneck can look great in any style, from minimalism to sport or business. Join Harper’s Bazaar to update new styles with turtlenecks based on the creative inspiration of It girls

…It is to choose a shirt model that suits your needs. Because on the market there are actually two types of turtlenecks, one high and one low.

High turtleneck is an original design from the 15th century, used by the royals for court attire and combined with ruffled neck accessories. This style of shirt uses a layer of fabric to sew into a high neckline. The advantage is that you can use the high neck to cover your nose in cold weather or fold it down two or three times to style. The downside is that the shirt can make you feel hot if you’re not used to it.

The low turtleneck is also known as fake turtleneck (in English, mock turtleneck or mock neck shirt). The neckline is sewn a little thick, but not high and thick enough for you to fold. There are many mock neck tops that do not hug the neck, thus creating a more airy feeling when worn.

Besides, turtlenecks also have many materials. There are turtlenecks that replace T-shirts, made with stretchy, tight-fitting materials. There is also a turtleneck sweater style to layer for cold days. For Vietnamese weather, the sweat-absorbing elastic fabric is the most suitable choice.

The simplest way to dress well in a turtleneck is to combine it with trousers, palazzo pants, skirts… This is a classic style that is not very new. If you want to change your style, let Harper’s Bazaar refer to the ideas below.

You will be busy with briefings. Therefore, it requires a serious appearance to meet the boss and colleagues. The simplest way is to wear a turtleneck with a beautiful suit. If you want a classic, choose a tailored suit that hugs you, if you want to be fashionable or a tomboy, choose an oversize suit. This type of layout will not make you spend a lot of time thinking about causing late for work.

For this fall-Winter trend, you can create a novelty for your outfit when you choose a turtleneck with a cut-out on the chest, and emphasize the metal belt on the belt. So after the meeting, you can transform your look by taking off your blazer. You’ll instantly feel relaxed and ready for a productive day.

During the working week, you will probably have meetings with partners to exchange or sign important contracts. This backdrop calls for a chic and elegant look. The neatness is never superfluous, because it adds confidence to you, helping you to score prestige points in the eyes of the opposite person.

Starting with a white shirt always feels serious. Then layer with a black turtleneck underneath and a shirt with trousers. To add elegance, you should wear loafers. So you are confident enough like Bella Hadid on the Ralph Lauren Fall Winter 2022 runway.

This outfit will be especially serious if your turtleneck is the same color as your trousers (black, navy or white). If you want to be safe, you should combine it with a white shirt and blazer in the same color as the trousers. To stand out more, you can change the color of your shirt and jacket. In hotter weather, remove the jacket for a more streamlined and comfortable look.

Turtleneck tops are perfect to wear with dresses. This way of wearing turtlenecks creates an elegant beauty for sleeveless dresses with deep slit necks, for example, fall neck dresses, slip dresses, two-piece dresses… This is also a neat and quick way to wear turtleneck tops. for a busy day at work.

First, choose a long-sleeve turtleneck to increase warmth. Then combine with a summer dress, often too stylish for a serious office. If you choose a short skirt, you can wear it with socks/stockings to create warmth for your legs. This way of mixing and matching can both take advantage of the summer dress and refresh the style for cold days.

With this style of dressing in turtlenecks for the office, you should note the thickness of the material and the hug of the outer dress. The dress should not be too thin because it will reveal the bottom of the turtleneck.

The habit of meeting friends at least one day a week is indispensable for modern office girls. An intimate meeting at a Thursday afternoon coffee shop will have you eagerly waiting for the end of the day.

In order not to interrupt the emotional circuit, now put on colorful items that bring you joy. Still the same turtleneck recipe at the bottom, but this time choose a jumpsuit, you will surely get friends to rave about your dress sense.

Many modern Western management style companies often adopt a Casual Friday policy. This is the time when employees do not need to be too serious in how to coordinate office furniture. A good Friday also allows you to unleash your creativity, finding a look that inspires the last working day of the week.

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