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Halloween costumes excellent like 7 famous hollywood couples

Halloween costumes excellent like 7 famous hollywood couples

With an investment in both image and meaning, 7 famous Hollywood couples have created impressive and classy Halloween costumes.

Halloween costumes excellent like 7 famous hollywood couples

Uniqueness is not enough, each couple’s Halloween costumes must also ensure the elements of harmony and harmony to subtly express their romance. Therefore, wearing double clothes at the October 31 masquerade festival also becomes a “difficult” topic for the grave association.

From fairy tales to movies and the past, all are included as creative materials for dramatic and, of course, sentimental “juggling” make-up. The “tricky couple” never seems to run out of ideas for their Halloween costumes. The first performance for their impressive annual costume “stage” began in 2012, when the two officially announced their relationship to the public.

With a golden wig, a seashell bra and, of course, a sexy fishtail dress that hugs her sexy body, Kim Kardashion transformed into a charming and gorgeous mermaid “fascinating” the sailor. goalkeeper Kanye.

During Halloween 2020, mother of four Kim turned her fear of spiders into a unique idea for a costume festival. If Kim transforms into a lovely pink hairy spider, on the contrary, Kayne West chooses to transform herself into an eye-catching blue spider. Even Ms. Kim did not hesitate to spend money on decorative giant spider models.

Kylie Jenner is always on the list of the most anticipated characters on Halloween every year. Ironically, one of her most memorable ingenious transformations was done with ex-boyfriend Tyga in 2014. Inspired by the horror film Bride of Chucky, the blood stains king on the face and the “scary” makeup contrasts with the mischievous costumes as a haunting warning of the “ghost doll” couple.

While Tyga excellently transformed into the character Chucky with colorful plaid overalls and long-sleeves and a red wig, Kylie is more sexy and personality with a lace corset combined with high boots and sexy stockings .

The trendy Bieber couple unexpectedly brought an interesting combination of film and animation to last year’s carnival. Hailey , with the help of stylist Maeve Reilly, transformed into the sexy nurse Dolly in the hit Netflix series Ratched with a custom-made outfit from Vex Latex.

Meanwhile, Justin plays the modern-day cowboy Woody in a western cowboy mix featuring the hallmarks of street style with a t-shirt, baggy jeans, and beanie hat. No one knows exactly how Dolly and Woody met, but Hailey and Bieber really came up with a fresh impromptu costume idea.

In 2018, when they were still hot, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd had an impressive Halloween night in a costume inspired by the famous horror comedy Beetlejuice (1988). To become a “ghost bride” Lydia Deetz walking alongside the exorcist Beetlejuice, Bella approached designer Sylvio Roubertto Kovacic to order a gothic red wedding dress with a layered structure.

tulle modeled after the dress design in the movie. The spirit of a gloomy wedding is also cleverly expressed through the bouquet of withered roses that Bella observantly carried.

On Halloween 2017, Gigi and Zayn chose to transform into two classic characters of the Marvel universe, Spider-Man and The Black Cat. With an artificial leather jumpsuit and luxurious white fur trims, Gigi has really transformed into a charming and stylish “cat girl” walking alongside the peach-blossom Spider-Man.

For ease of movement in real-life situations, she chose for herself a pair of combat boots by 3.1 Phillip Lim instead of the one-piece boots commonly seen in superhero fashion .

In 2015, Emily Ratajkowski and her then boyfriend, Jeff Magid proved their “playability” when they painted their entire bodies in gold to bring the famous Simpsons couple out of the 2D world. Musician Jeff Magid even brought donuts, Homer Simpson’s favorite cake to “round” the role.

As a way to pay tribute to their idols, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson decided to recreate the image of the legendary rock couple Billy Idol and Perri Lister during Halloween 2019. Miley “sobs” singer personally “dressed up” and made-up for the two as a way to enjoy the holiday together. The “crazy” studded leather jackets and the “brutal” accessory play turned the couple into true “rockers” of the 80s.

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