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Entertainment queen cardi b transforms impressively at paris fashion week 2022

Entertainment queen cardi b transforms impressively at paris fashion week 2022

With a variety of styles and unique designs, Cardi B was the most interesting element at Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022.

Entertainment queen cardi b transforms impressively at paris fashion week 2022

As a true “chameleon” of the fashion village, no one can predict what Cardi B will wear every time she appears in public. The only thing that we can know in advance is that the outfits of female rappers of color will never be “normal and monotonous”. And indeed

the owner of the hit WAP appeared on the streets of Paris and attended shows of leading fashion houses in “unique” outfits that even the fashion world could not expect. From a “difficult” lady full of thorns to a cool green “mobile flower”, Cardi B with the help of stylist Kollin Carter has brought a fresh breeze of joy but also boldness to This year’s Paris Fashion Week.

On the first night in Paris (September 28), designer Manfred Thierry Mugler personally invited Cardi B to the exhibition Thierry Mugler, Couturissime at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The female rapper made an impressive appearance with a bright red sequined bust dress from the Haute Couture Le Cirque D’Hiver Autumn 1994 collection of the fashion house.

The highlight of this outfit is the “extreme” feathers meticulously attached around the shoulders and back, reminiscent of the image of glamorous dancers on the stage of the last century. It is known that the outfit that she wears is being stored and preserved in Mugler’s archive.

At the end of the event that night, Cardi B surprised fans by leaving in a black evening dress with a body assembled from layers of high-quality leather that mimic the structure of a corset . This charming design was introduced in 1997 and was also “excavated” by Mugler from his archives.

As one of the leading artists of the movement to honor women, the female rapper has always been confident with bold, body-hugging outfits even after having just welcomed her second child in early September. ” Currently, I have a beautiful hips thanks to my lovely angel. You know, when the baby is in a lower position than usual in the mother’s body, your hips will expand even more.”

On the second day of Paris Fashion Week, she was spotted striding past the Chanel store in a tweed jacket from the brand Schiaparelli founded by Elsa Schiaparelli, who is rumored to be Coco’s number one enemy. Chanel in the past. The metal hat designed by Stephen Jones and the metallic details on the accessories and the bodice inspired by human body parts such as the chest, eyes, and lips of the surrealist school have created a breath-taking whole. new and unique futuristic direction .

On the same Monday, Cardi B and her husband attended a dinner party near the Champs-Élysées Avenue. Lighter and more French, she opted for a long Schiaparelli blazer , leather beret and basic heels, all in black to accentuate the striking golden metallic details.

On September 30, Cardi B stopped in front of Balenciaga’s headquarters in a “thorny” shape with a rebellious rivet leather tree. Reportedly, the WAP owner’s costume came from fashion house Richard Quinn and was combined by her with Rick Owen’s platform boots, Jaupin sunglasses, Chrome Hearts leather hat and gothic By Lolita necklace.

Cardi B and her husband had a romantic date night in the love city of Paris. No longer rough, thorny or different, the female rapper appeared in a more feminine image, more standard French ladies with gold glitter Chanel jumpsuit of the Pre-Fall 2020 collection, classic black pointed toe heels of the company. Christian Louboutin and Ruslan Baginskiy beige beret.

At a dinner with legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin, the rapper appeared elegant, trendy and Parisian Chic with a Gladys Tamez beret with metal studs, a matching color long-sleeve turtleneck and Animal print skirt in the latest Spring-Summer collection of Roberto Cavalli. “A wonderful evening with delicious food and generous people. I actually got to have dinner with an icon,” the female rapper shared on Instagram.

As expected, Cardi B was present at Balenciaga’s Spring-Summer 2022 launch show as the brand’s front-row guest as well as to support her husband – male rapper Offset in his first debut. his on the catwalk. Our “entertainment queen” wears a trenchcoat with colorful tabloid pages and a uniquely designed “super” hat, gloves and earrings from the Balenciaga Couture Autumn collection- Winter 2021 .

After finishing the show, the press caught Cardi B with her husband hand in hand at a famous restaurant in Paris. The glittery colored rhinestones and veil from Gladys Tamez created a regal and stylish image for the female rapper.

Perhaps, Cardi B celebrated Halloween this year quite early when walking around Place Vendôme before the launch of Schiaparelli’s Spring-Summer 2022 collection in Richard Quinn’s kelly blue from head to toe. Fans also joked that she looked as lovely as the always smiling sunflower of the famous game Plant vs Zombies.

To complete the mix, the female rapper chose sunglasses with a unique oval shape from Bottega Veneta . At this year’s Paris Fashion Week, Cardi B seems to favor fashion house Richard Quinn. She ended her visit with another tight mix bearing the “breath” of 60s fashion in modern lilac purple when attending Kate Moss ‘s show in association with Messika brand.

The mother-of-one completed the look with matching hair pins, vintage-style sunglasses and Messika’s diamond jewelry. True to what designer Manfred Thierry Mugler commented, “Cardi B is exquisite in its own way. That unique energy and extraordinary body language will spur new trends to diversify the fashion world.” The female rapper with a diverse, different and not afraid to innovate has brought a memorable “strange breeze” to the fashion capital of Paris.

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