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Elvis actor austin butler revives the charm of traditional tailoring on the red carpet

Elvis actor austin butler revives the charm of traditional tailoring on the red carpet

Standing in the midst of the strong rise of the genderless fashion trend, the new muse of the fashion village Austin Butler brings the classic breeze back to men’s fashion.

Elvis actor austin butler revives the charm of traditional tailoring on the red carpet

The cult male stars of the early 2020s stirred up the men’s fashion scene with non-gender designs, a skillful combination of traditional tailoring techniques and soft accents from women’s clothing, or outfits. Unique, futuristic maximalism costume. Referring to each style, the audience can immediately imagine the image of male artists successfully pursuing that style.

For example, with the same genderless style, if Harry Styles represents the classic and luxurious side, the personality rapper Lil Nas X shows the rebellious and arrogant side. Or “red carpet prince” Timothée Chalamet always knows how to refresh his image in modern suits that are carefully coordinated in monochrome style.

Amidst the waves of trends that are constantly changing today’s fashion, although traditional tailoring still holds the position of the manifesto of men’s fashion, it is no longer widely used. Since the time when Streetwear was announced, plus the dress habits of the fashionistas had changed after the pandemic, tailoring began to be “upgraded” by fashion houses with hybrids with other fashion styles.

Specifically, a hybrid between traditional tailoring and signature imprints from Streetwear, Sporty and even Haute Couture. However, young actor Austin Butler’s dashing and elegant appearance in classic minimalism designs at the Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival 2022 is like a cool breeze reviving a glorious era of traditional tailoring.

At this year’s Cannes Film Festival 2022, Austin Butler received countless compliments in prestigious newspapers with his elegant satorial style. To the premiere of the movie “Elvis”, the actor put on a two-button tuxedo from the Celine fashion house. Compared to the suit designs that other male stars brought to the red carpet of movie events, his outfit is somewhat more minimalist.

But in the spirit of “less is more”, he made a deep impression and became one of the stars owning the most beautiful fashion style in Cannes 2022 by combining delicate accessories such as bow ties, scarves, etc. pocket square, flower buttons and a pair of vintage boots.

After the shining moment on the red carpet, Austin took off his formal tuxedo and transformed into a luxurious American gentleman in a somewhat casual outfit in the photo shoot to promote “Elvis”. Wearing a pair of sunglasses, his hands leisurely in his pocket, the handsome actor born in 1991 became the focus with his liberal appearance in wide-leg trousers, cleverly combined with a bowling shirt. roll up your shirtsleeves.

Leaving the limelight of the Cannes red carpet, Austin Butler continued to dominate the British media at the “Elvis” launch events, where his classic minimalism fashion style was highly praised from the press and public. they. Here, the guy shines in a vertical striped suit design, but the main highlight is an eye-catching blazer, then mixed with a white tank top inside. On the next day of the event, the 31-year-old actor continued to combine a white tank top with Alexander McQueen’s suit in separates (a blazer and pants of different colors).

It is easy to see that the fashion style that Austin Butler brings to recent big events is inspired by the movie he participated in and the style of American gentlemen in the 50s and 60s. From styling her hair to choosing outfits with big collars and wide-leg pants, it’s all reminiscent of the heyday of traditional tailoring. Not only the Met Gala or the Cannes Film Festival, now, the audience is eagerly looking forward to how the bright star of “Elvis” will show off her personal style on the upcoming artistic journey.

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