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Coda by female director sian heder wins best picture oscar 2022

Coda by female director sian heder wins best picture oscar 2022

CODA won the Golden Statue for Best Picture at the 94th Academy Awards. This family drama made new history when it beat The Power Of The Dog with 12 nominations.

Coda by female director sian heder wins best picture oscar 2022

So, the 94th Academy Awards ceremony held on March 27 (March 28 in Vietnam time) at Dolby Cinema, Los Angeles, California (USA) officially ended with the Best Film award of the National Academy of Sciences. about CODA by director Sian Heder. The director said the project started in 2015 when she finished making her debut film Tallulah .

The movie CODA has the theme of family love. The main character Ruby Rossi played by Emilia Jones was born into a special family. His parents and brother are both deaf. Being the only one to hear, she became the link between the family members. The Rossi family lives by fishing in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Every morning before going to class, Ruby goes to sea with her father and brother. She is also the representative to negotiate with local traders. At school, because she likes a boyfriend, Ruby enrolls in the choir. Seeing that she was gifted, the singing teacher encouraged students to pursue art at Berklee School. That means Ruby has to leave her family while being the only one connecting them to the world.

CODA stands for “child of deaf adults”, which refers to a normal child raised by at least one deaf person. In the movie is Ruby. The life of the Rossie family is largely told through the perspective of a 17-year-old girl. Ruby at school and at home are two distinct images. She has few friends because of her inferiority complex and has no one to confide in.

Her classmates are not sympathetic but also make fun of Ruby’s parents. On the contrary, when next to her loved ones, Ruby can be herself; Feel free to express yourself. She became the main breadwinner of the family, standing up to protect them from others.

In addition to Ruby, the other members of the Rossie family all have space to shine. Despite being deaf, they always smile at life, exuding positive energy. Father Frank ( played by Troy Kotsur, who also won Best Supporting Actor ) and mother Jackie ( played by Marlee Matlin ) are modern parents.

Both do not prohibit but also support their daughter to know her boyfriend and pursue singing. Brother Leo ( played by Daniel Durant ) looks cold but loves you very much; did not want Rossie to sacrifice his youth for everyone.

Film producer CODA thanked the Academy for choosing to honor a lighthearted family-themed film amid a complicated world.

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