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Anne Hathaway enters a new fashion era with Versace

Anne Hathaway enters a new fashion era with Versace

Hollywood stars shine in the designs of the Versace Icons collection. Collection honoring the most personal values ​​of designer Donatella Versace

Anne Hathaway enters a new fashion era with Versace

From the sweet Mia Thermopolis in Princess Diaries to the ambitious Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada to the scheming Daphne Kluger in Ocean’s 8, almost every role Anne Hathaway plays in the hearts of fans. In the near future, she revealed that she will participate in her first love drama through “Mother Mary” when playing a pop singer. As can be seen, she always knows how to maintain the aura in Hollywood – in which, fashion plays a big part.

At the beginning of her career, Anne Hathaway often favored timeless classic evening dresses and elegant neutral colors. Up to now, the female star has shown a completely opposite fashion side. She gradually changed, pursuing a sexy image with daring cut-out designs. The actress also constantly challenges herself with costumes with impressive motifs or outstanding colors such as bright pink Barbiecore.

Because of her transformation in fashion style as well as her ability to maintain a personal name, Anne Hathaway was invited by Versace to be the face of the Versace Icons collection, which includes designs that represent the most iconic. in the development history of Versace.

Designer Donatella Versace – Creative Director of Versace shared about this collaboration on his personal page:

“I am very much looking forward to the day when the Versace Icons collection is released. Designs for multifaceted and inspiring women. Clothes that, when worn, make every woman feel praised, confident, and gorgeous.

Anne Hathaway, the face of the campaign, is one of Versace’s finest women. I have always admired her. Above all, I still admire her as a woman. She is a big star, a businesswoman, full of creativity, and exceptionally kind. That’s what makes a Versace icon.”

On the personal side, Anne Hathaway also revealed that she was “very proud, grateful and delighted” to be joining the Versace family. The actress wrote:

“ For me, the Versace Icons collection is timeless elegance with a signature Versace accent. I’m very proud of these images that seem to represent Donatella’s vision of empowerment. What left the biggest impression on me from this wonderful experience was Donatella’s heart, generosity, and kindness. She and everyone in the Versace Family have been incredibly welcoming and supportive of me, for which I am very grateful. It’s thrilling to be a Versace woman. ”

Versace presents a collection with a definitive and feminine design: curated from quintessential archetypes drawn up over several decades and from the Milanese fashion house’s experience in creating clothing for the powerful woman. The central highlight of the collection is a Corset shirt shaped to create the signature hourglass shape of the Versace family (this is also the shirt promoted by Jisoo BLACKPINK on the BORN PINK global tour recently ).

Designer Donatella Versace shared:

“These luxurious wardrobe essentials fit perfectly and represent the beautiful and powerful simplicity of Versace’s lines. The multi-talented and inspirational women who wear our outfits talk about how Versace makes them feel cared for, confident and gorgeous. That’s what an Icon should feel. I will wear the entire collection in the same way that I have worn these same styles for the past few decades.”

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