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From red carpet fashion icon, Angelina Jolie encroached into the fashion business

From red carpet fashion icon, Angelina Jolie encroached into the fashion business

From a movie star to running a fashion brand is what Angelina Jolie will launch this year after a long period of silence.

From red carpet fashion icon, Angelina Jolie encroached into the fashion business

Angelina Jolie is known as an actress, director, and philanthropist. In addition, she is also a cool businessman. Previously, she owned vineyards and a French wine castle with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, before selling shares when the two split. Recently, she said that she is encroaching on the field of fashion with a brand she is very passionate about.

According to multiple sources, Angelina Jolie has filed for copyright Atelier Jolie, a fashion and jewelry brand that bears her name. Reportedly, Angelina has been working on this project for over a year and she hopes the trademark will be approved so that she can immediately launch the products in her new venture.

Angelina does not seem to limit her creativity, as the Atelier Jolie brand will cover a wide range of products, from custom jewelry to haute couture and tailoring. Even home appliances and furniture! As Angelina Jolie advocates sustainable fashion, the Atelier Jolie brand will also be developed around this core value.

This is not Jolie’s first foray into fashion and jewelry design. Over a decade ago, she collaborated with Robert Procop, the jeweler behind her stunning emerald-cut engagement ring, and ex-husband Brad Pitt, on a collection called Style of Jolie.

While Atelier Jolie is still in its infancy and Angelina Jolie hasn’t revealed any concrete plans yet, the Oscar-winning actress’ brand is expected to deliver impressive designs the way she does. Become a red-carpet fashion icon.

It’s not a coincidence that Angelina Jolie is hailed as one of Hollywood’s most iconic street and red carpet icons. She led the wave toward minimalism. The minimalism but subtlety of neutral colors, no textures, and no elaborate attachments have long captivated this beauty from everyday wear to the red carpet.

Over time, Angelina Jolie is still an icon in Hollywood, although there have been many new and younger beauties appearing in the movie capital. She is not a follower of fashion, is not excited to attend fashion shows, and does not hunt and “worship” expensive brands. Angelina’s style is in some ways quite close to most women in general, but this is what makes her unique.

Therefore, many people hope that Angelina Jolie will bring personal style to Atelier Jolie products, and soon they can dress like this successful woman.

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