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Veteran actor al pacino participates in saint laurent spring summer 2022 campaign

Veteran actor al pacino participates in saint laurent spring summer 2022 campaign

One Oscar, two Tonys, two Emmys. It’s not an exaggeration if you consider that Al Pacino was an icon of the academic and cultural cinema of his day. Whether it’s with roles in Scarface , The Godfather or The Irishman; Al Pacino’s natural talent for acting over the years has been confirmed in the hearts of fans.

Veteran actor al pacino participates in saint laurent spring summer 2022 campaign

And becoming the face of Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2022 suddenly became another admirable milestone for this man.

School dropout, homelessness, unemployment. The young Al Pacino of that day and the senior actor of the present time do not seem to have changed much. Al Pacino’s brash temperament, natural expressions make him stand out; In promotional photos and videos directed by creative director Anthony Vaccarello himself; Photographed by David Slims.

Always challenge your limits in every role. Interestingly, in these very commercial footage, we see an ever more realistic version of Al. You see godfather Michael Corleone? Or Tony Montana?

It’s also hard to blame, when we each remember him in different ways. Even when Pacino is wearing Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2022 suits.

At the age of 81, Al Pacino still retains the mettle of a veteran movie star in three costumes from Saint Laurent. Tuxedo combined with plaid silk shirt; Sunglasses combined with a 3-piece plaid suit. Or a dusty road jacket that looks like it’s been with Al for a decade.

He really has at the same time harmonized and stood out with the classic look from the French luxury brand. Meanwhile, Al is still comfortable expressing himself as if the items have been in his closet for many years.

It is not difficult for you to see the essence of Al Pacino. Especially when he was wearing a Saint Laurent suit.

Kim kardashian, thierry mugler’s timeless flawless muse

On Sunday, January 23, veteran French designer Manfred Thierry Mugler passed away at the age of 73. He is known for his architectural and dramatic haute couture outfits, inspired by the natural world.

In particular, his designs celebrate the hourglass-shaped body, with three perfect rings that are difficult to possess. Therefore, the French designer was once condemned as making women pursue unrealistic body measurements. However, there are still some stars whose bodies are perfect for Thierry Mugler’s designs, such as singer Beyoncé, businessman Kim Kardashian, rapper Cardi B, actress Megan Fox or Russian supermodel Irina Shayk.

Among those who have worn her design, Thierry Mugler is especially fond of Kim Kardashian. He repeatedly called her his muse and mercilessly praised her talent. The chemistry between the two is surprising, as their friendship began so briefly, from 2019 to now.

Friendship begins at Met Gala 2019

In 2003, Thierry Mugler made a loss. He had to sell his personal fashion brand, retire, and even change his name to Manfred. From then on, he experimented with other art forms, but refused to be involved in fashion. He does not even allow museums to borrow products to display in exhibitions. So when Thierry Mugler returned in 2019 to design the Met Gala red carpet outfit for Kim Kardashian, everyone had to admire and envy her.

The duo was inspired by a photo of Italian star Sophia Loren in a drenched dress, standing on the deck of a ship. Thierry Mugler used latex to show the wetness of the material, then applied crystals to make the outfit look like it was dripping with water.

It looks so soft, but actually the dress has a corset frame that squeezes Kim Kardashian’s waist tightly, leaving marks on the skin for a very long time afterwards. “I’ve never been in such pain,” she confessed . However, Kim Kardashian’s pay is well worth it. Her outfit was voted as one of the most impressive designs on the Met Gala 2019 red carpet with the theme of Camp: Notes on Fashion.

Kim Kardashian deserves the title of Thierry Mugler’s muse

After that first handshake, Kim Kardashian quickly appeared in many other designs of Thierry Mugler. There are vintage models and there are also completely new models.

Mugler designed not one, but two outfits for Kim Kardashian at the 2019 Met Gala. A red carpet dress, and a latex dress for the after-party. Next, he lent her a black cut out dress that revealed her breasts from the Spring Summer 1998 collection, which Kim wore to the 2019 Hollywood Beauty Award. He even personally designed the Halloween costume. 2021 for her, posing as a cowboy who transcends space and time.

When asked about Kim Kardashian, designer Thierry Mugler said, “She’s a self-made success.” He also repeatedly referred to her as his timeless muse.

It is understandable why Thierry Mugler loves Kim Kardashian so much. Her figure is perfect to express all that the French designer wanted to convey through fashion. The sensuality, the surreal lines, the boldness…all are present in Kim K.

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