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Trump and his wife attend the Christmas lights ceremony at the White House

Trump and his wife attend the Christmas lights ceremony at the White House

US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania have just attended the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, a nearly 100-year-old tradition in the US on the evening of December 6, US time.

Trump and his wife attend the Christmas lights ceremony at the White House

Every year, during the lighting ceremony, there will be a cultural show with participating artists. This year’s show is no exception, but with the difference that many people watch the event at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Trump gave a short speech, then he counted from 5 to 1 and Melania pressed the button to light up the national Christmas tree located at President’s Park in the White House.

This year’s Christmas tree is decorated with 18,000 energy-saving LED bulbs, saving up to 80% of electricity compared to traditional lights. The tree will be lit up until the new year.

Mrs. Melania posted three photos and wrote on Twitter: “Lighting up the National Christmas tree is one of the oldest traditions in America. I am honored to participate in the ceremony to light the Christmas tree for the second time. 98, online with the organizers”.And immediately Mr. Trump re-shared this content.

Previously, taking pictures of the beautiful and splendidly decorated green pine trees at the White House, Mrs. Trump wrote: “The Hall & Grand Foyer at the White House is filled with love, joy, peace, hope and faith, which are the most important gifts for the Christmas season. This scene reminds us of blessings. I have in my life and for being able to call this beautiful country home.”

This year, the official tree was placed in the Blue Room of the White House, decorated with bright yellow bows, decorations made by more than 1,500 students from the US states and territories, handmade and donated, each item has the names, ages, and states of these students.

Other Christmas trees are also decorated with bright red bows and white and yellow lights. There are some notable decorations such as a model of Air Force One, an eagle, an American flag, and the word “Be Best” in honor of Melania Trump’s initiative. Volunteers were at the White House over the weekend to help decorate the White House’s Christmas tree.

Melania Trump receives the White House Christmas tree 2020

CNN reported that this year’s pine tree is 5.6 meters tall and comes from Dan and Bryan Trees farm of husband and wife Dan and Anne Taylor in West Virginia.

A military band played merry Christmas tunes like “O Christmas Tree,” “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing” while Melania walked out into the north hallway of the House. White to receive the Christmas tree.

Unlike previous years, this year the Taylors and the horseman had to wear masks to deliver the tree.

Traditionally, the horses pulled a blue cart decorated with familiar Christmas motifs and a sign that read “White House Christmas Tree 2020”. Above the car is a horizontal pine tree.

The National Christmas Tree Association has been responsible for the careful selection of Christmas trees for the White House since 1966.

First Lady Melania took a walk around the pine tree to admire before stopping and taking pictures with the farmers delivering the pine trees.

The First Lady of the United States sent Christmas wishes to the journalists and returned to the White House. The White House Christmas tree will be on display in the Blue Room.

Melania also shared a picture of herself with her son and President Donald Trump receiving a Christmas tree years ago on Twitter, according to USA Today . The first lady said this year’s pine tree was “cute”.

The reception of the Christmas tree usually marks the beginning of the White House’s annual year-end festivities. Another festive White House tradition, the “pardon” of a US president’s turkey, is also scheduled for this week in the Rose Garden.

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