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Squid game director curating louis vuitton pre-fall 2023 show in seoul

Squid game director curating Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2023 show in Seoul

Going beyond the territory and holding shows in unprecedented locations for the first time, Louis Vuitton chose Seoul for the Pre-Fall 2023 Collection in collaboration with many famous names in this country.

Squid game director curating Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2023 show in Seoul

On April 29, Louis Vuitton will hold a Pre-Fall 2023 fashion show in Seoul. But this is not only a fashion show, but also an event promoting the Korean capital.

LVMH Group, the parent company of Louis Vuitton, has signed an agreement with the Korea Tourism Organization and the Seoul Metropolitan Government to create content and events to promote the city throughout 2023. This is part of the project. in the Korean tourism initiative 2023-2024 by promoting the culture announced by the Korean government.

For the show Pre-Fall 2023, Louis Vuitton set the stage on a two-story bridge spanning the Han River in the middle of Seoul. The show will start as soon as the sun sets on Jamsugyo Bridge so that the audience can fully admire the beauty of the Hangang River.

Described as a global event, Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2023 show will incorporate Seoul’s local culture. Therefore, out of 1,600 guests attending the show scheduled for April 29 on Jamsugyo Bridge, Louis Vuitton will invite 100 more students to study fashion in Seoul.

Fulfilling its commitment to the Seoul government, Louis Vuitton will add attractions on the Han River to the Seoul edition of the Louis Vuitton City Guide travel guide. The brand installs a bookstore during the Jamsugyo Bridge Walking Festival and participates in various short- and long-term projects to conserve natural resources and improve biodiversity here. In parallel, in collaboration with the Korea Tourism Organization, the brand is also preparing plans for a series of projects to promote Seoul and promote tourism, including a photo exhibition.

Recently, the whole world has witnessed the success of Squid Game (Vietnamese title: Squid Game), one of the most-watched series in Netflix history.

Louis Vuitton can’t ignore the Squid Game craze either. The first is to choose Jung Ho Yeon, the actress who plays 067 in the movie, as the brand’s global ambassador. Now, Louis Vuitton has invited director and screenwriter Hwang Dong Hyuk to be the curator for the show Pre-Fall 2023 held in Seoul.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk will participate in creating concepts and perspectives on the bridge in Seoul for Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2023 show. Therefore, he will not “stamping” creative director Nicolas Ghesquière. Rather, he will play the role of a cultural advisor, helping to bring to reality Louis Vuitton’s desire to highlight and present the excellence of local culture and art on a global scale.

First because of the decades-long relationship between the fashion house and the land of Kim Chi. Louis Vuitton’s first Korean store was located in the Gangnam district of Seoul in 1991. 28 years later, a larger headquarters with a facade designed by architect Frank Gehry was built.

Secondly, it is because of the closeness with the friends of the fashion house from Korea. Many of Louis Vuitton’s ambassadors are actors and singers from this country.

Finally, the economic potential of Korea cannot be ignored. In 2021, Korea officially entered the top 10 of the largest global luxury fashion market. Economic growth and idol culture have boosted shopping in South Korea.

New Louis Vuitton CEO Pietro Beccari calls Seoul a “cultural hub that continues to attract global attention” and adds the reason for choosing this vibrant city because of its shared spirit with Louis Vuitton: Pioneering the future, reinventing creativity, and nurturing ingenuity.

This will be the first fashion collection to be shown at the venue and the brand’s first major event under the leadership of new president and CEO Pietro Beccari. The show will kick off Beccari’s new marketing strategy, which has made spectacular fashion events in special locations the hallmark of his tenure at Christian Dior.

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