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Many countries open a peak period to ensure security

Many countries open a peak period to ensure security

The French government mobilized up to 90,000 security personnel, police and army to ensure security during Christmas and New Year.

Many countries open a peak period to ensure security

This force will focus on protecting places where people congregate, including commercial centers, amusement parks and gathering places to celebrate the New Year with fireworks.

This year’s Christmas and New Year holidays are also the first time the French government applies the new Security Law passed at the end of October 2017, and drafted by French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb.

The latest point of this Law is to allow security forces to expand the scope of setting up security zones at sensitive locations.

Germany tightened security at Christmas markets after a terrorist drove a car into a crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin in December 2016, killing 12 people.

There are about 2,600 Christmas markets opened since the end of November in Germany with heavily deployed security forces and barriers to protect the markets.

The country’s police on December 23 also sent experts and an explosives detection robot to investigate a suspicious package discovered at a Christmas market in the city of Bonn.

In Italy , the Interior Ministry has asked law enforcement agencies to strengthen control in public areas where people gather, such as squares, churches, memorials and open-air markets. Authorities also tightened controls at airports, ports, train stations, national roads and on all means of transport.

Shirtalso increased security at the Christmas markets but in a more creative way such as the use of concrete blocks decorated into Christmas gift boxes and more police deployed at most of the entrance to the markets.

Countries that have been “victims” of terrorist attacks are also on high alert. In Nigeria , security personnel are put on high alert to respond to any emergency during the Christmas holiday. The Egyptian government also announced increased security to the highest level around churches and key state facilities before Christmas to prevent terrorist attacks.

In Asia, Indonesian authorities announced the deployment of about 180,000 security personnel ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays. The country’s security forces have also just arrested 13 people in nationwide raids. Many of the arrested subjects have links to IS or have joined rebel forces in Syria.

In Malaysia , since December 20, the Immigration Department of this country has continued to push up the crackdown on illegal workers on the eve of Christmas and New Year, arresting 80 illegal workers.

In Egypt, where a church bombing killed 25 people last December, the security plan includes the deployment of forces from all units of the Interior Department to protect 2,626 Christian churches Churches across the country during the Christmas holiday this year.

In addition, Egyptian authorities plan to step up attacks against terrorist organizations, as well as strengthen security measures to prevent terrorists from entering from North Sinai to other provinces. . In Pakistan, the site of last week’s church terrorist attack, the Baluchistan provincial government plans to deploy 3,000 security personnel at 39 churches over the two-day weekend.

country USalso implemented many special security measures, not only to deal with the fear of terrorism but also to ensure security due to gun violence. In New York, city officials are deploying K-9 teams to detect explosives and radioactive detectors and mobilize hundreds of additional security personnel. In Washington, D.C., authorities are taking extra measures to prevent terrorist attacks after ISIS released an image depicting the Washington National Shrine on fire. In the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, the western United States, 800 safety posts were installed in a strip to prevent the risk of car attacks and a large number of guards were also mobilized.

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