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Magic The Gathering drops an epic trailer introducing the Innistrad Midnight Hunt

Magic The Gathering drops an epic trailer introducing the Innistrad Midnight Hunt

About 2 years ago, the title game Magic: The Gathering has begun celebrating the launch of many new collections to the trailer bold new cinema . These trailers typically introduce at least one or two main characters or settings that will be an important part of the lore and overall story of each series.

Magic The Gathering drops an epic trailer introducing the Innistrad Midnight Hunt

Not every series gets a trailer. Innistrad Midnight Hunt’s pre-release events are now available digitally and at select physical game stores around the world . Magic: The Gathering has given the Innistrad Midnight Hunt version a trailer with an extremely dark and moody graphic style.

In the clip, the player follows a boy who is forced to work at an orchard. Innistrad’s gothic graphics are rendered fairly accurately with fog and mist all around and swarms of wild werewolves lurking around outside the walls…

Innistrad Midnight Hunt is clearly the darkest style in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse, both in terms of story and graphics. Innistrad Midnight Hunt sticks to its horror roots, and players will have the chance to collect more dark cards and spooky cards over the next few months in a variety of limited and standard editions.

Now gamers can experience Magic: The Gathering Innistrad Midnight Hunt on Magic Arena, available on PC and mobile platforms.

Magic: The Gathering releases cinematic trailer

Magic: The Gathering recently released an amazingly cinematic trailer for the upcoming Zendikar Rising and brought one of MtG’s villains to the fore.

The release of the new version of Magic: The Gathering is only a few weeks away and players are excited as information about Zendikar Rising is revealed, especially regarding the game’s expansive storyline that deals with the conflict. on Zendikar. During the recent MtG live stream, a new cinematic trailer offered a closer look at the latest adventure.

For those unfamiliar with the character in this trailer, Nahiri is the main antagonist of the Shadows Over Innistrad block. While she’s clearly the enemy (and looks likely to be again) she’s a complex villain with an interesting backstory and is loved by many gamers. Seeing her return in a new version is definitely exciting, and the developments in the trailer seem to suggest that she may have a new source of power that could make her even more dangerous. now over…

Zendikar is one of Magic’s most popular locations, and feedback from the gaming community seems to suggest that Zendikar Rising will become another huge hit for collectible card games. The core mechanics for Zendikar Rising have all been confirmed and are naturally qualified so players can start anticipating popular draft archetypes and crafting newly constructed decks that will dominate the game. benchmark after the upcoming setup round later this month.

Review – Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest: ‘Father’ of the card game

Considered the “father” of the card collecting game genre, Magic: The Gathering continues to demonstrate the power of the “pioneering” with a new mobile game called Puzzle Quest , taking card gameplay to the next level. new.

Not “strange”, but “poisonous”

Not a heavyweight competitor in terms of graphics, Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest (abbreviated Puzzle Quest ) does not have a dreamlike creation or magical 2D drawings like Mabinogi Duel or outstanding like Hearthstone , but in return, a bit of fantasy with a detailed and extremely meticulous plot about the character makes gamers feel closer to the game. Along with the average graphics, the sound is also okay, neither creating drama nor suspense – inherent “specialties” of the card game series.

Break the way in gameplay

However, compensating for the physical shortcomings is the gameplay is quite tedious, requires more brainstorming, and the bad luck in the card genre has also been significantly enhanced, making winning a real hand a real deal. it’s not easy.

Still taking the jigsaw pattern as the main theme, the opponents will take turns arranging the stones for the same color (at least above 3) to be able to replenish their mana. With the main measurement method is using mana to issue cards, so in general, the richness that the game brings is just as average as World of Tanks: Generals .

On the contrary, the difficulty will be increased when the mana index of each character is completely different. For example, in the character Nissa, a 100% elf from the jungle, the natural attribute stones (green) on the board will give this fairy an additional 2 mana bonus, and subtract 2 mana. if “eating” must have a dark attribute.

Thanks to that unique and somewhat weird way of playing, balancing the brain becomes much more “tired”. Not only in cards, but also in blocking moves in favor of the opponent on the board. Magic plus mana or special skills that the character has also contributes a lot to the player’s victory.

But in order to master the use of the above spells, in addition to actively working hard to collect cards, gamers also have to be quick to protect them during the game – a task that seems easy to eat but is actually eating. …not easy!

At a glance, the plot-based battles are not too difficult, the real drama is in the fiery clashes between gamers. Magic: The Puzzle Quest effectively supports players with quick matches, along with useful health-boosting items that can be purchased from the shop or obtained during missions.

Due to the importance of honesty as much as possible, the wounds received by the character will not be restored when starting a new game, or while the player is offline. PvP is also only done between real gamers online, so the only practice matches that gamers can do are through the long story line that the game has prepared.


Although still quite inexperienced in appearance or still a little confused in control, slight errors such as jerks and lag when playing, but must recognize the interesting fighting style of Magic: The Puzzle Quest as a new breeze in the forest. Tactical card game is so unique and diverse as it is today. Just invest more in appearance, increase character lines for players, then in the future, Magic: The Puzzle Quest will surely achieve the expected success.

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