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Introduce tiktok with 5 easy-to-viral content types for fashionistas

Introduce tiktok with 5 easy-to-viral content types for fashionistas

The digital age has not only paved the way for fashionistas to stay up-to-date with news anytime, anywhere, but it has also given all of us the opportunity to be proactive creators. Clothing inspiration is no longer limited to Instagram, Pinterest, but gradually spread to a potential market: TikTok.

Introduce tiktok with 5 easy-to-viral content types for fashionistas

Starting with short videos playing about “How would I dress if I was in the front row of luxury fashion shows” or “parody” clothes of big brands, now, fashion content on TikTok has evolved along the way. really serious directions that of course still keep the relaxed spirit of young people. So if you like this topic and want to “air” then “okay, let’s go”, please refer to the suggestions below.

It’s great to be “unboxed” and even more so to spread this unboxing energy to everyone. Shopping Haul is when you buy a large amount of stuff at a store (online or offline), then go back to the opening process and can try on it. Videos of this kind not only bring joy to the creator, but also attract a lot of viewers because they provide the same amount of “dopamine” as the pleasure of shopping.

Actually, this content is already famous in the YouTube market, but TikTok makes the content more concise and saves time for viewers. In addition to high-end brands that immediately “dazzle” viewers, the price, mid-range segment such as Zara, Mango, Pull&Bear, etc.

also attracts equally many views, especially the group of students – students . In recent times, “unlocking” secondhand goods is also emerging as a phenomenon. Because this special “item” is unique, instead of giving a scale to suggest your viewer should buy or not, think about useful tips for choosing, hunting and editing items and reality.

The fashion world cannot be complete without tasteful combinations, and TikTok is one of the places where you can showcase your abilities most easily. The direction of mining in this array is extremely diverse, so be careful to classify lest you get lost. You can mix and match according to the time (daily fashion, school fashion, going to dinner, going to your ex’s wedding, …), following a certain trend ( grunge , vintage, casual , chic , artsy, …), or follow some inspiration from books, movies, celebrities, ..

Besides being beautiful, of course, the more unique the theme, the more curious the viewers will be, especially the styles that no one has imagined in real life. In addition, this type of clip is one of the content that clearly shows the personality of that “channel owner” without saying much.

As brothers rowing with the review genre, but the object for evaluation is expanded to…all. This type of content will be very suitable if the channel owner has a background in fashion because each comment is required for accuracy, clarity, and of course you have to be responsible for them.

Mixing an outfit that doesn’t match the viewer’s taste can still be mocked, but giving a wrong/thoughtless point of view, the chances of getting “stamped” will be very high. This request made the comment content challenging, but at the same time very attractive, earning a lot of respect from followers.

If your parents were born with golden hands in the sewing village, or an inquisitive mind ready to turn old into new, familiar into strange, why not take advantage of TikTok to spread your achievements? Cut a t-shirt into a crop-top, crochet it yourself into pretty crochet hats , or play big, take out the whole wardrobe to sew, etc.

As long as you show your creativity, the community will enthusiastically accept it. Besides showcasing your talent, some simple instructions for viewers to imitate, the application will help your TikTok clips increase sustainability. Details, specificity but still responsiveness is the secret to clip getting many hearts.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be “screaming” to let people know that you do clothes, just show them subtly. You may not need to frame yourself in one of the styles above, but wear nice outfits to do your side activities. For example, a video on how to pose for a photo?

Viewers can learn posing tips, with which you can show a variety of mixes through different poses. Or the dance/transformation/POV clips that are going viral, but re-cooked to show off the clothes better.

This is also an effective temporary emergency method when you accidentally upload too many fashion content routes. Especially for believers who have many other “talents” such as knowing how to pose, know makeup, draw well, dance well, etc., it is even more a playground for you to show your ability to mix & match countless other new content. .

Be yourself – something that sounds cheesy but is always true. Get your viewers hooked with your personality, pick out your best features and add in the basic types of content above. Don’t let your account fade among thousands of names on TikTok. In addition, players must understand the characteristics of this platform well to know how to stand out the most. But don’t lose your creative joy because of this. TikTok is inherently a fun, relaxed community, so we chose it to test our own bold ideas.

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