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I hope to be normal before Christmas India joins the group of countries with million cases of COVID-19

I hope to be normal before Christmas India joins the group of countries with million cases of COVID-19

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he hoped Britain would return to normal before Christmas, but was also ready if a second wave of COVID-19 occurred. European Union leaders meet face-to-face to discuss an economic rescue plan.

I hope to be normal before Christmas India joins the group of countries with million cases of COVID-19

However, he stressed that this expectation must be accompanied by the condition of controlling the infection rate, spending more on health and empowering local governments to block outbreaks. “We are trying to get ready for winter and prepare for the worst if it happens…”, he added.

The British Prime Minister said that from August 2020, he will drop the work-from-home recommendation and allow employers to consider the level of safety to make their own decisions about returning employees to work. The UK is also expected to spend an additional $ 3.76 billion on the health system, strengthening testing capacity, protective equipment …

In Europe, regional leaders began meeting face-to-face for the first time in more than five months to discuss a post -COVID-19 economic stimulus package worth more than $855 billion and a budget of more than $1,000. billion USD for the next 7 years.

“The difference is still huge and I cannot predict whether we will be able to achieve a result this time. In my opinion, the negotiations will be very difficult,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted.

In Spain, people in Barcelona are asked to stay at home and not gather more than 10 people from July 17 to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from increasing again. This second most populous city of Spain also closed cinemas, theaters

Meanwhile in Asia, India on July 17 joined the club of millions of COVID-19 cases along with the US and Brazil.

The nation of billions of people has added more than 34,900 new cases in the past 24 hours after many localities were forced to impose a blockade order in the past week. Most recently, the state of Bihar with more than 128 million people on July 16 announced a blockade.

Christmas season ‘disaster’ for people in Australia, Chile, Philippines

Reuters news agency quoted authorities as saying that firefighters tried to control the fire, although they could not save many people’s property and pets. To avoid the spread of fire, two neighboring residential areas were also evacuated.

The fire, which started in a forested area, spread into the city due to the hot summer weather in the southern hemisphere combined with strong winds.

In Australia, bushfires are “no holiday” for Christmas. Firefighters are still forgetting to focus on fighting the fire, not being with their families and enjoying the year-end party.

According to Australian News , at least 9 people have died, 873 houses and 2,048 structures have been destroyed by fires in November so far. This number is expected to increase further.

In the Philippines, Typhoon Ursula made landfall east of the Visayas and southern Luzon just before Christmas.

According to the Phil Star newspaper , the authorities have asked people on these two islands to minimize celebrations and focus on coping with the storm.

The Christmas message was posted on the New Zealand Labor Party Twitter account, of which New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern currently chairs. At the beginning of the video, she says: “Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a very, very merry Christmas.

If I had one wish, I hope all of you, who are watching this video, then put down your phones, iPads, stop using social media and have some quality time with family and friends. ”

Regarding the bleak times New Zealanders have experienced in 2019, including the Christchurch mosque attack in March and the White Island eruption that occurred in December, Ms. “ I hope that everyone will find some peace next year after a rather difficult year for New Zealand.

Meanwhile, sending a happy New Year video message is also an option of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “Merry Christmas Canada!”, Mr. Trudeau began and made a rather long speech.

Whether with friends or loved ones, letting children play in the snow allows us to relax and connect with friends. Let’s celebrate the message of love and show love to others. Today, let’s come together, move forward together and welcome the new year.”

In Australia, standing in front of a pine tree decorated with golden and bronze fruits, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife thanked those who have served the country: firefighters, volunteers, beach lifeguards, military forces. and especially in memory of the two firefighters who died recently.

He acknowledged “it’s been a difficult Christmas for many Australians”, expressed his condolences to people in the fire-affected communities and believed Australia had stood up despite challenges such as floods. Floods in northern Queensland earlier this year, a multi-year drought and wildfires that have lasted since November 2019.

“It is resilient, courageous, responsible Australians and communities that have built great Australia,” Mr Morrison said.

In her New Year’s message, the Queen used the image of “the road is not always smooth” to talk about how many Britons may feel 2019 is coming to a rather “rather bumpy” year. This year, Mr. Trump has been busy using Twitter to lash out at his impeachment and brag about the stock market closing at “the highest ever” numbers on the day before Christmas.

According to Mr. Trump, the NASDAQ – the largest electronic stock exchange in the US has increased 72.2% and the DOW – Dow Jones Industrial Average has increased 55.8% since he won the general race. system in 2016.

“The best year is coming,” Trump said.

Although he did not record his own greeting, Mr. Trump shared a 17-second animated clip of the White House’s Christmas greetings.

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