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Gucci launches minaudière bag worth usd 43,000

Gucci launches minaudière bag worth usd 43,000

Gucci always knows how to impress with striking pieces and the brand’s newly launched Teddy bear Minaudière bag is a testament to that.

Gucci launches minaudière bag worth usd 43,000

Gucci has just made Teddy Bear fans restless when launching a pair of Minaudière bags in the shape of an extremely lovely sparkling crystal teddy bear. The bag has two versions: a black and white color with the brand’s signature “GG” logo motif; The other version is brightly colored with prominent crystal-embroidered wavy lines. With a compact yet luxurious design, Gucci’s new minaudière bag is expected to become an item that young people look forward to.

Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele left Gucci in November 2022 after seven years as creative director. According to statistics, during Alessandro Michele’s time in office, Gucci’s revenue has nearly tripled, from 3.9 billion euros in 2015 to 9.7 billion euros in 2021. After his departure, contributions by Alessandro Michele became part of the heritage and were inherited and developed by the Gucci house design team.

The recently released Teddy Bear Minaudière bag duo shows that former Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s influence still runs deep in the Gucci world. And if you still regret the departure of Alessandro Michele, this is your chance to buy a piece of the legacy the former Creative Director left for the Italian fashion house.

In this version, the Teddy bear has a silver tone. The front body of the bear is studded with black and white crystals to form the monogram of two interlocking Gs – famous for the brand. Another highlight of the bear is its vivid enamel eyes. It’s reminiscent of the vivid eyeballs one might find on a human-like robot. The bag comes with a trendy and sophisticated gold chain strap.

Different from the two basic black and white colors in the above version, the Teddy bear in this version wears a camisole with Chevron motifs with 6 vibrant color bands. The bear’s ears are also studded with multicolored crystals. Gucci monogram motif adorns the feet. Navy blue eyes and a golden nose create a lively Teddy bear. Just like the Gucci monogram version, the bag comes with a 48cm long gold chain.

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