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Garrett Wilson, a rookie for the Jets, shines and aspires to greatness

Garrett Wilson, a rookie for the Jets, shines and aspires to greatness

Garrett Wilson has reviewed the highlights from the New York Jets victory over Cleveland last Sunday, during which he scored two touchdowns. Of course, good stuff. However, the rookie wide receiver has concentrated even harder on his missed opportunities in the film room.

Garrett Wilson, a rookie for the Jets, shines and aspires to greatness

The No. 10 overall pick in April stated, “You don’t even want to watch the plays where you do well on because, at the end of the day, the plays where you don’t do well on are the ones that are going to cost you down the line.” “They’re going to cost you a game, later on, a rep later on.” Therefore, the repairs are our primary concern.

As receivers, we expect to go out there and make plays and play well when our number is called. That is the standard we hold ourselves to. Wilson, who has rapidly emerged as a go-to player in the Jets offense, is taking a reasoned approach.

In the 31-30 victory over the Browns, he had eight receptions for 102 yards and two touchdowns, including a 15-yard catch from Joe Flacco with 22 seconds left.

Many of the players on our team have recognized that he is capable of playing in this league and that the lights aren’t too big for him, according to Flacco, who added that after the win. But until you start winning football games, nobody will be able to say that about you. Therefore, winning is extremely important in this league.

Wilson received the AFC rookie of the week award as a result of his performance, which the Jets believe is just the beginning of many promising things to come.

Corey Davis, a fellow wide receiver, stated, “Garrett is a dog.” He’s a tremendous wideout and a really kind guy. He practices diligently each and every week. He emerged and demonstrated his abilities. I believe he is capable of much more.

Wilson hasn’t been flawless; of the 12 catches he’s made in his first two NFL games, there have been a couple of drops. This includes the ball that eluded him midway through the fourth quarter as the Jets attempted to tie the Browns’ game. Wilson added, “I didn’t want my drop to be the reason we lost the game.” He became a key factor in the Jets’ victory, though.

With the Jets down by six points, Wilson found himself wide open over the middle. Flacco found him with a ball, which the rookie ran into the end zone.

Wilson remarked, “The coaches have a terrific plan for me.” “And you know, I’m willing to do either if it includes zero catches or a hundred catches.” That’s a good strategy, but the Jets want the ball in Wilson’s hands as much as possible because they see him as a playmaker.

Close end Wilson reminds Tyler Conklin of Justin Jefferson, with whom he had shared a playing partner in Minnesota. Conklin remarked of the player’s ability to go up and catch the ball, “He’s just so dang slipperily.” And I believe that his release was just a question of time.

Wilson saw the immediate effects Jefferson and Cincinnati’s Ja’Marr Chase, who the Jets will take on on Sunday, had on their teams while at Ohio State. With 1,400 receiving yards in 2020, Jefferson set a rookie record for the NFL, but Chase outpaced him the following year with 1,455.

Wilson affirmed, “I knew that’s what I wanted to accomplish.” “That was my intention. That’s what I intended to accomplish. He started by having a fantastic offseason, followed by training camp. He is working along with Davis and Elijah Moore right now to be a dependable and adaptable playmaker.

I want to succeed, Wilson declared. And, you know, I’m still a long way from there. I must therefore keep moving forwards. Having the support of your teammates is also beneficial.

In comparison to his performance against Baltimore in the season opener, Wilson played a little more out of the slot on Sunday. He doesn’t mind either way since he knows the other defense won’t.

Wilson remarked, “I like being able to play everywhere.” I mean, I do love playing slot, I love playing outside. “It makes you difficult to guard and makes you harder to game plan for, and you can run more routes. “I want to do whatever it takes to put us in the best scenario, to be in the game, and win a game at the end.”

I enjoy having the freedom to play anywhere, Wilson remarked. “I mean, I do love playing slot, I love playing outside. It makes you harder to guard and makes you harder to game plan for.” I want to do whatever it takes to put us in the best position, to be in the game, and ultimately win the game.

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