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Faslink spread the word about vietnamese green fabric at the apec 2022 conference

Faslink spread the word about vietnamese green fabric at the apec 2022 conference

On May 20, 2022, a symposium on the bio-circulation-green economy model (BCG Symposium) within the framework of APEC 2022 was held in Thailand with the theme “Sharing a Sustainable Future”.

Faslink spread the word about vietnamese green fabric at the apec 2022 conference

The Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) model is considered a national strategy of Thailand to promote economic recovery after the pandemic, towards sustainable development in all aspects, in line with with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The BCG Symposium was attended by the Minister of Commerce of Thailand – Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Director of the Department of International Trade Promotion of Thailand and representatives of the 21 member economies of the Cooperation Forum. Asia-Pacific Economy (APEC).

The main objective of the APEC BCG Symposium 2022 is to discuss and share the BCG Economic model, especially its application in small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in APEC member economies, to support growth. economy, strengthen trade and investment based on sustainable and innovative economic policies.

At the APEC BCG Symposium 2022, Ms. Tran Hoang Phu Xuan made a presentation and participated in a discussion session with other representatives from Japan, Thailand… about the story of FASLINK’s and individual’s efforts in the journey. the process of finding raw materials

R&D and commercialization of green fabrics from coffee grounds, oyster shells, mint leaves, lotus stems and leaves, PET bottles, as well as the challenges and opportunities of tissue application BCG model in the fashion industry in Vietnam, looking to the future Vietnam will bring net emissions to “zero” in 2050.

“As part of the Vietnam Fashion supply chain, we choose “Going Green” as our responsibility to future generations. At FASLINK, we believe there is an untapped potential niche for sustainable business, which is why FASLINK is on this mission. My presence at the Conference today is a testament to the fact that we have pioneered the commercialization of many successful sustainable fibers and I want to spread the word about this at the APEC forum.”

“Many people think that if we focus on sustainable development in business, it will be difficult to make a profit, so my mission will make sustainable fashion not only a social goal but a potential one. Responsible entrepreneurship needs to be discovered.”

Established in 2008, Fashion Connection Joint Stock Company (FASLINK) is known as a pioneer enterprise investing heavily in R&D and launching into the market a variety of green fabrics from lotus, coffee grounds, mint, etc. PET bottles… have high applicability and are well received by the market.

Pursuing the orientation of “wearing healthy to live green”, FASLINK’s green materials are made from elements of natural origin, friendly to the living environment, safe for users’ health, and easy to manipulate. in clothing and can biodegrade over time.

FASLINK has successfully launched and commercialized shirts, polos, underwear made from natural fibers, including coffee yarn, lotus yarn, seashell yarn, coir fiber, and mint yarn that are processed by technology. Modern technology, meeting the criteria of softness, durability and fashion. Among them is the coffee fiber. For the first time, the “Made in Vietnam” Polo shirt made from coffee fabric was born.

“Our journey to create green fabric fibers from coffee grounds, lotus leaves and stems, seashells, coconut shell charcoal, mint cellulose… is not only rooted in ideas and trends in business but also associated with passion, strong desire to promote the value of materials that are considered ordinary, of little value in nature.

Green fabrics have created new steps, spurring innovative developments in the textile and fashion industries. I hope more and more Vietnamese people will switch to using eco-friendly garments.”

Not only in the field of raw materials, FASLINK implements a comprehensive green transformation in the operation, production, distribution and marketing of products according to the eco-fashion trend.

Accompanying more than 900 large and small businesses operating in different fields, FASLINK has been very successful in making its own mark in each project. With the participation in the role of representing Vietnam at the Symposium on BCG economic model within the framework of APEC 2022, FASLINK continues to affirm its commitment to green transformation, linking with links in the chain of suppliers.

Sustainable fashion supply creates internal strength for Vietnamese fashion. Besides, it is also the driving force for Faslink to be able to build contracts with foreign partners, bring Vietnamese products to the big sea and be recognized by international friends.

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