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Elodie Games raises over $32 million in funding

Elodie Games raises over $32 million in funding

Former Riot developers founded Elodie Games and are working on cross-platform co-op games. Specifically, game developer Elodie Games announced that it has raised $32.5 million in a Series A funding round.

Elodie Games raises over $32 million in funding

The company said the grant will be used to “accelerate sustainable development in a healthy and inclusive work environment”.

The developers use the funds to create games that “offer on three core pillars: intensive co-op gameplay, endlessly engaging experiences, and seamless cross-play across PC, mobile and consoles”.

The funding round was led by Galaxy Interactive and Andreessen Horowitz. Additional funding was provided by Patron and Electric Ant.

Along with this investment, Elodie Games announced that Sam Englebardt of Galaxy Interactive and Jonathan Lai of Andreessen Horowitz have joined its board of directors.

This studio was founded in 2019 by Christina Norman and David Banks, both of whom worked at Riot Games. During the pandemic, millions of people have turned to online gaming as a way to pass the time at home.

Elodie co-founders Christina Norman and David Banks are experts in the gaming industry.

The company currently has 30 employees working and they are recruiting to continue developing its products. Certainly the company’s individuals are constantly working hard to promote links with other studios to jointly develop games.

Venice, California-based Elodie Games previously raised $5 million in February 2020, just before the pandemic broke out.

Elodie Games has been able to prove its position when it is invested by more “sharks” than recently, co-founder Christina Norman said in an interview with the press.

BitCraft – The ‘hunter-gatherer’ MMORPG is now allowing registration for alpha experience

BitCraft is a sandbox MMORPG with elements from games like Valheim, play with friends, village building, farm, hunting and pretty much everything a survival game has to offer. Promising to bring a “giant” world, it is now possible to register for an alpha test on the game’s website. All registrants are also eligible to claim a secret limited item.

Developer Clockwork Labs says the betas will be conducted in batches to gather player feedback and test the game’s key mechanics. BitCraft will be available on multiple platforms, but pre-alpha will come to PC users first. Along with the alpha announcement, Clockwork Labs released a trailer that showcases the art style and some of the different activities you can take part in.

The trailer makes BitCraft look stunning with its cool, striking blue color and combined with the colors of the sunset providing a refreshing experience. From sunny days to stormy nights at sea, the game seems to have a variety of visuals. The trailer also shows the characters chopping trees and fishing as well as the quick timeline of a village built from scratch.

“This is a game that emphasizes cooperative combat in our increasingly large world, a core value of our gaming ethos at Clockwork Labs,” he said in an interview. . BitCraft’s website states that it has an “in-depth skill system and focuses on crafting, economics, cultivating, and city-building”. There’s also a bit of exploration and adventure in the trailer, with one of the characters traveling through a number of different locations. Co-founder Alessandro Asoni added that giving players the freedom to do what they want was important to the development team.

“It’s a really ambitious MMO that focuses on letting players experience the way they want, rather than instructing them to do everything,” he said. “You can build a cozy village, run your own farm or become part of a much larger empire with connected cities. Ownership of what the world has become is truly in the hands of our players.”

The pre-alpha beta was confirmed at the end of September this year, but the release date of the complete version is yet to be revealed.

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