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Chanel ready-to-wear spring summer 2022 collection revitalizing the 80s – 90s fashion imprints to pay tribute to chanel’s photographers

Chanel ready-to-wear spring summer 2022 collection revitalizing the 80s - 90s fashion imprints to pay tribute to chanel's photographers

On the last day of Paris Fashion Week, Art Director Virginie Viard presented the CHANEL Ready-To-Wear Spring Summer 2022 collection inspired by the art of photography with bold 80s designs – his 90.

Chanel ready-to-wear spring summer 2022 collection revitalizing the 80s – 90s fashion imprints to pay tribute to chanel’s photographers

“ Because fashion is about clothes, models and photographers. Karl Lagerfeld has personally taken photos of Chanel’s BST promotional campaigns. Now, I want to honor those great photographers, ” said designer Virginie Viard. “ I like the way they see Chanel. That cheered and inspired me a lot“.

Therefore, ahead of the launch of the CHANEL Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2022 collection, CHANEL has announced a series of portraits of the CHANEL brand’s faces in the hand holding a camera made by a duo of photographers. Famous fashionistas Inez & Vinoodh (Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin).

In particular, this year’s BST launch floor was decorated by the female Artistic Director reminiscent of the runways of the 80s, the models strode in the latest sets, taking turns posing in front of the camera of hundreds of people. different newspapers.

“ I love the sound of the camera from the 80s show ,” says Virginie Viard. “ I want to remind people of those pleasant emotions .” In addition, she also wants to bring energy and joy into the CHANEL Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2022 collection, not only through a series of costumes, catwalk layouts and fashion accessories, but also in the music. background – “Freedom! George Michael’s ’90’ is covered by Christine and the Queens.

While the Grand Palais is a place associated with countless CHANEL’s eye-catching shows over the years, the space of Les Invalides is the most ideal place to set up a show just like when Virginie Viard was a toddler. enter the profession.

The show opened with a series of lingerie and swimwear designs, reminiscent of the late 80s and 90s collections of the late designer Karl Lagerfeld. He was also one of the first designers to turn the lingerie line of a luxury fashion brand into outerwear, exalting the sexy body beauty of CHANEL women.

The show continued with stylish summer outfits with long maxi skirts, tank tops and extremely luxurious gold and pearl belts. In particular, CHANEL’s iconic A-line skirts on knitted tweed, glossy leather with timeless elegance continue to be promoted by Virginie Viard in the next fashion season.

Inheriting the legacy of designers Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, the current female Artistic Director of CHANEL has brought a new breeze into skirt suits with a diverse pastel color palette. It can be said that candy pink, pastel yellow, lilac purple are the colors that express the eternal youth spirit that Karl Lagerfeld wants to convey into each CHANEL costume design.

Now, these bright colors are applied on clothing styles from the 80s – 90s to become more modern under the creative hands of Virginie Viard.

Inspired by the great designers who have built a solid name for CHANEL on the world fashion map, Virginie Viard still cleverly puts her romantic creative spirit into the outfits that fit the shape. Feminine and sexy as well as butterfly motifs in the final designs of the collection.

In addition, in this CHANEL Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer 2022 collection, Virginie Viard presents many types of handbags that are required by a fashionable lady with many different sizes and designs. These include a heart-shaped mini bag, a beaded crossbody bag, a hobo bag and a new version of a clutch model that simulates a limited edition

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