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At the Murder House, ‘American Horror Stories’ celebrates Halloween

At the Murder House, ‘American Horror Stories' celebrates Halloween

The new American Horror Story spinoff American Horror Stories has premiered with a two-part return to Season One’s “Murder House” from the original series, which will air on Halloween Night.

(Warning: minor spoilers ahead.) A new family has moved into the haunted Murder House established in the first season of American Horror Stories, including teenager Scarlett, played by Sierra McCormick, who soon learns the secrets of her new home and then falls in love with Ruby, played by Kaia Gerber, one of the many spirits who reside there.

After a few twists that pay homage to viewers’ knowledge of the Murder House’s history, as well as the appearance of a few familiar ghosts, the episode concludes with Scarlett and Ruby attending a Halloween party, because it’s the one night of the year when the spirits of the Murder House are allowed to walk among the living and away from the property where they died.

Following run-ins with the neighborhood cruel girls, the episode ends one year later on Halloween, with a morbid yet undoubtedly heartwarming ending scene in which Scarlett returns home to see Ruby.

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