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9 secrets to layering trendy, no-fuss necklaces

9 secrets to layering trendy, no-fuss necklaces

Every time the hot season comes, thin shirts, deep neck slits, or cool horizontal shoulder designs are favored by women. What to do to reduce the feeling of emptiness in the neck area? The tip for you is layering necklaces from 2-3 layers to more layers.

9 secrets to layering trendy, no-fuss necklaces

Of course, this layered necklace style isn’t just limited to summer. It is also favored by stars on the red carpet. Suffice to say, wearing a layered layered necklace can be very minimalistic; can also be in the direction of maximum (maximalist) and create a feeling of first-class luxury. The way the outfit and necklace are combined is completely up to your taste.

Not sure how to change? Harper’s Bazaar gives you some tips on layering trendy necklaces like the stars.

Do you have a great necklace you want to use for the summer? Maybe the one with lots of baby pavé diamonds, or the brightly colored one? If you know what your favorite necklace is, it’s easy to choose other stylish necklaces to complement it.

Or if you’ve never experimented with the layered style of necklaces, your first piece of jewelry is a thin chain link. Because this type of strap is very versatile. Chain necklaces can be combined. Wear with a leather choker is also suitable. Pairing a necklace with a pendant is also fun.

A multi-tiered necklace set should only have 2 to 5 tiers. More than that will make you look too messy.

To minimize the clutter of a multi-tiered necklace set, the bands you use should have minimal uniformity. For example, they are all extremely thin wires. Or, a necklace with round beads (rondelle) of similar color. You can also wear chains of the same metallic color (gold, silver, or rose gold).

To create a nice layer for the necklace, there should be a noticeable difference between the lengths of the two straps.

For example, the first layer of the necklace is a close-to-neck choker, the second is medium to collarbone length. Or, combine a medium-length neck strap with a long layer all the way down to the middle of the chest.

You should also think about your physique. Girls with elongated necks, or three-way necks, can comfortably wear light chokers. But, if your neck is short and your shoulders are flat, then you should choose a model with a longer length. The long neck strap will help create the effect of elongating the neck.

Do you like the minimalist, timeless, easy-to-match style? So Harper’s Bazaar suggests you choose slim necklace models, paired with small gems or pearls.

Do you have a unique fashion sense, like to show off your different ego from the people around you? So the choice for you must be necklaces with different pendants. You can purchase the strap first, and then complement it with charms that show off your personality. Layer lines also don’t have to be thin, which can be chunky.

Necklaces don’t have to be made of metal. They can be made from flat beads, beads, pearls, glass beads, etc.

In the context of the rise of the Y2K style, multi-layer beaded straps like these will help you catch the trend very quickly.

Multi-layer beaded necklaces are also a great way to bring some color into your outfit. If you’re concerned that they’ll make you look shabby, don’t worry. Choose real gems. The round rondelle gem – the example Gigi Hadid wears above – is still sweet but not childish.

In the jewelry world, the rule of choosing a combination is divided into two distinct schools. One is a classic with an all-metal ton-sur-ton color scheme. The second is the modern school that allows you to improvise at will.

Classics suggest that you only choose jewelry of the same color. For example, silver earrings, necklaces, and rings should also be silver. If you want to be youthful, you should choose a silver color (can be silver or platinum). If you want luxury, choose gold or rose gold metal.

Meanwhile, the modern school encourages us to feel free to mix all kinds of metals together! Rose gold, gold, and silver can all be mixed.

Of course, the 2-layer necklace style mixed with many metallic colors requires superior coordination skills, because otherwise you will be left behind. The trick for you is if you like this look, choose plain metal rings, instead of adding a bunch of gems. Too many mixed colors will make you look like a hippie.

Since multi-tiered necklaces can get pretty messy, you should pair them with less detailed tops. For example, a white button-up shirt, a solid color t-shirt, tank top. If the shirt has embroidered details, it should be the same color as the fabric color, not overpowering the color of the chain.

It is entirely possible. Choose necklaces from luxury fashion brands. Or use a real gold necklace, studded with high-class gems. A few sparkling little rhinestones on the strap will create an unexpected luxury for you.

Avoid wearing multi-layered necklaces with rough materials, such as wood beads, beads, rough leather straps, etc.

However, know that if you wear a large necklace, you should not layer many layers, because this time your neck will look too heavy.

Don’t want to bother with all sorts of necklace combinations? The easiest way is to choose a pre-designed multi-tiered template! So, just put it on your neck and go, it’s simple but fashionable, isn’t it?

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