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The 5 most influential luxury fashion brands in 2022

The 5 most influential luxury fashion brands in 2022

In 2022, the luxury fashion market will undergo many fluctuations, the fashion race between high-end brands will also become more intense.

The 5 most influential luxury fashion brands in 2022

In 2022, the luxury fashion market will experience many fluctuations, despite concerns about the Ukrainian civil war or the restructuring of leading brands. Typically, Riccardo Tisci left Burberry, Raf Simons closed his own brand, and most recently Miuccia Prada and her husband Patrizio Bertelli resigned as CEO of Prada, and consumer demand for luxury goods has not waned.

According to statistics from McKinsey, the luxury goods market is expected to reach 305 billion euros thanks to consumer demand in the European and US markets as well as maintaining strong purchasing power from China.

Recently, the global shopping platform Lyst has just announced the ranking of the most popular fashion brands and products in 2022. Based on the statistics of 200 million users, sales, product comments, and social media activity to find the most influential luxury brands of the year.

Miu Miu is probably the name that is not surprising when it leads the list of stormy brands in 2022. With the trend of low-rise leggings and revealing lingerie that is popular with young people, Miu Miu is one of the houses. Fashion has contributed to making this fashion trend become popular. Micro skirts, combined with the brand’s super short crop top, become the Indie Sleaze version that is sought after and learned by fans.

The Italian fashion house is also the brand that owns the golden list of names that dominate the accessory trend in 2022. From catching the Balletcore trend with ballerina shoes, the hottest accessory in 2022, and the Miu Wander bag model taking over. beautiful position on It Bag chart of the year. The brand attracted 23 million views on Tik Tok for the Spring Summer 2023 show and received a 34% increase in searches.

2022 is probably the year when Balenciaga’s popularity skyrockets, whether with a positive or a negative reputation. With wise moves to capitalize on Kim Kardashian’s popularity, the brand has succeeded in generating lots of comments and interactions on social media sites. On the Tiktok platform, Balenciaga earned an average of 187% higher engagement than other luxury brands.

Balenciaga’s Y2K-inspired Le Cagole bag also once again affirms its “upline” position in the luxury fashion market. However, the brand is also controversial when implementing strange and different advertising ideas from thousand-dollar pineapple bags, models wriggling on the catwalk, transforming challenges, etc. By the end of 2022, the brand name continued to reach the top of the search results because of advertising scandals of abuse, sexualization of children, etc. Closing a year of scandals and controversy for Balenciaga.

Next on the main list is Valentino, the Italian fashion house that has had a memorable year with many successful and exciting activities. This year, Valentino caused a “big explosion” when dyed bright pink on both the outfit and the catwalk at the Autumn-Winter 2022 collection. Thanks to Valentino, the fashion village is immersed in a fashion principle with feminine but full of pink colors. power titled Pantone Pink PP, where “PP” stands for Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli.

The glamor of color that accompanies the Babiescore trend has led to a 416% increase in searches for pink designs, according to Lyst data. Moreover, the influence of pink fever is not only stirring on the runway, and streetwear but also on red-carpet fashion. Specifically, stars like Anne Hathaway and Zendaya respectively chose Valentino’s impressive pink color at the event.

Diesel is the standout name of 2022 when it makes a spectacular comeback from a long-standing brand on the verge of collapse into a favorite brand of Gen Z.

According to Lyst, Diesel is always in the top 10 most searched and paid brands on the shopping platform in 2022. The Y2K style 1DR Bag also helps the brand achieve great sales and an impressive D-logo. The company’s logo was also voted as the logo of the year.

Taking advantage of this attraction, Creative Director Glenn Martens continuously releases many designs with powerful logos including tank tops, dresses, and belt skirts. All created a boost for Diesel when within the first 6 months of the year, searches for the fashion house increased by 248%. The brand also entered the position of 15 hottest brands in the second quarter of Lyst’s website for the first time.

Contributing to the top 5 most influential luxury markets is the Prada brand. Although it seems quiet compared to many other brands, Prada is still considered to have a “classic but not simple” charm, according to Bloomberg’s comment. Over time, the brand has maintained a stable performance on the fashion track.

Its handbag lines such as the Triangle Bag, Supernova, Nylon, and Cleo all attract a warm following. The value of Prada bags is always confirmed in the resale market with prices ranging from 46% to 57%, according to the latest report from Rebag.

Among them, is Prada’s Re-Nylon Re-edition 2000 mini bag, launched in 2020. This is a bag made from ocean plastic waste, fishing nets, and waste fibers in apparel. . Since its inception, the bag has become a defining staple of the rising tide of Y2K style, with its striking logo and multi-color versions. To date, the popularity of the design on the TikTok platform has not cooled down, with searches increasing by 131 percent. The hashtag #Pradanylonbag has also just reached more than 4.2 million views.

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