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How to coordinate with beautiful parachute pants it girl’s standard

How to coordinate with beautiful parachute pants it girl standard

From a few years back, when the Y2K style resurfaced bringing nostalgia to the fashion scene, many iconic 1990s outfits were unearthed one after another. It is a low-rise mini skirt promoted by the Miu Miu family; shiny cotton cargo pants at Tom Ford; baby tee shirt and low-rise jeans cause TikTok fever; and now the parachute style.

How to coordinate with beautiful parachute pants it girl’s standard

With the support of a series of It girls and fashionistas, parachute pants gradually appeared on the street. This fall, the trend of parachute pants becomes hotter than ever when Rosé BLACKPINK wears them many times during their trip to New York in August. In Vietnam, Khanh Linh, Tu Hao, and Thuy Duong … also quickly caught up. trend, bringing unique personality mixes.

If you are not sure how to dress well in parachute pants, please consult with Harper’s Bazaar.

At first glance, many people easily confuse parachute pants with box pants (cargo). The detail that helps you distinguish these two types of pants is the fabric.

Parachute pants are wide-leg pants, both at the waist and at the back of the pants that have a drawstring. The reason it is called a parachute is that the pants are made from lightweight nylon fabric, which looks like a parachute cloth used as a military parachute.

Due to the drawstring detail at the belly, these pants are easily tweaked to the bust and can be worn high to the navel or below the waist. So, if you like to wear the Y2K style and show off your slim waist, choose a low-cut below your navel. But if you want to turn the design into more discreet high-waist pants, it’s also possible. These pants are surprisingly versatile!

Pants that resemble baggy, oversized parachute pants originally appeared in Persia, India, and Turkey thousands of years ago. It’s called harem pants. But the version that most closely resembles the design today is said to have originated with women who loved practical clothing in the 1800s.

During the Victorian era, women’s fashion created many restrictions on movement, such as a tight corset. At that time, a social activist for women’s rights in New York named Elizabeth Smith Miller came to Switzerland. She found that nursing home patients preferred baggy pants worn under miniskirts, which made exercise and movement easier.

Upon returning to New York, Elizabeth Smith Miller popularized this style of dress by covering fashion magazines. But at that time, the “Turkish trousers” did not get much attention, because most women still felt afraid to wear pants – which were the garments of men at that time.

It wasn’t until 1911 when haute couture designer Paul Poiret introduced the “harem pants”. He used super sexy images of the Sultan’s wives to promote his products. Despite being denounced as a “sexy” fashion design, young modern women are attracted by the freedom that this style of pants gives them.

These pants had sporadic revivals over the next several decades but began to become a fashion leader in the 1970s. Music legend MC Hammer was looking for a design that would help him out. I stand out on stage. And he realized that his pants had pleats and large bottoms that helped draw attention to his dance moves. Rapper Hammer once said, “The looser your pants are, the more prominent your dance will be.”

In the 1980s, the breakdancing movement and the wave of hip-hop music officially built the image of parachute pants as a hot product. The harem silhouette and nylon material combine to create a super durable parachute model that can withstand twists and violent landings on the floors of the break dance world.

Another It girl who helped spread parachute pants in the United States was a pop star, Aaliyah. This unfortunate young talent still has a large and loving fan base. The image of her parachute pants is still preserved to this day.

Reviving after a period of loss, parachute pants still retain the same design and do not change too much. Imported from Europe to Asia and became the hottest pants of all time, appearing in many photo frames of It girls around the world such as Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and BLACKPINK’s Rosé Park…

With 1 billion views on the Tiktok platform, and 15 million search results on Google, the parachute is one of the hottest pants models on social networks at the moment. The material is thin and light, the shape is loose and comfortable, and it is easier to breathe when compared to jeans or other rough pants.

Parachute pants also deserve to be in your wardrobe because of their versatility. The fabric is thin and cool, suitable for summer. Can be water-resistant to go through the rainy season. Then, when worn with tights to keep warm inside, parachute pants are still the ideal choice for beauties in the winter.

With the principle of contrast (long/short, slim/wide), loose and wide-leg parachute pants will be wonderfully balanced with petite slim tops. It can be a tube top, camisole, tank top, or bra top. This recipe is extremely simple and fast, saving time getting dressed up and down the street.

To bring out the Y2K nature of parachute pants, pair them with a corset or bustier top. The corset is one of the “must-have items” of the Y2K style. It will be a pity if you miss this interesting combination. Although it is somewhat constricting, this arrangement will bring the effect of shrinking the waist and making the rounder undeniably rounder.

If you need to increase the elegance of the two styles of clothing above, just wearing a blazer is enough. Whether it’s an oversize blazer or a short cropped version, a blazer is always an item that creates a smart casual style right away. The combination may seem difficult, but in the era of Y2K passion, any paradoxical dress code is always welcome.

To flexibly combine with multi-colored t-shirts or graphic prints, you should choose parachute pants with basic colors such as white, black… To make the most of showing off your figure, consider T-shirts. crop top or body t-shirt. At that time, the two items will resonate perfectly showing off the ant waist and apple hips.

While the parachute may seem flimsy, it goes well with layered clothing to keep you warm in cold weather. Inside the wide leg of the pants, you wear them with warm socks. Outside, you layer with a vest, sweatshirt, or sweater. With versatile multi-layer combinations, parachute pants can be used even in the cold season.

The parachute pants themselves have a dynamic look. So when combined with any item, that spirit is always present. But to achieve a sporty style that is both trendy and healthy, she should prioritize tracksuits. Let’s learn the recipe from “vintage queen” Bella Hadid.

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