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Greenwood faces an uncertain future

Greenwood faces an uncertain future

Mason Greenwood may have to return to prison in the future after the player’s bail expires. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have confirmed Greenwood’s bail will end on April 30. The “Red Devils” star is being investigated for allegations of rape, sexual assault and death threats with his ex-girlfriend. The 20-year-old striker was detained by police on January 30, then released on bail for paying bail.

Greenwood faces an uncertain future

According to Independent, after the deadline of April 30, Greenwood can still be released on bail if he continues to pay bail. However, British media revealed that if the police find more evidence of Greenwood’s offenses, the player is likely to have to return to prison.

Benjamin Mendy, a player who was signed by Man City for £ 52 million, is an example. The former Monaco defender is being held in a prison in Liverpool. The fact that Mendy was prosecuted for more crimes caused the player’s bail application to be repeatedly rejected by the court.

During the investigation of Greenwood, Man United always insisted that they would not allow the striker born in 2001 to return to training until a final conclusion from the police. The Times added that the “Red Devils” management also did not support Greenwood legally .

Previously, the Old Trafford team sent a lawyer to help Harry Maguire when the club’s captain was accused of assaulting and bribing police during a trip to Greece.

Man United is still paying Greenwood’s salary. The English striker’s current contract with the “Red Devils” is valid until June 2025.

Many sponsors and brands announced the termination of contracts with individuals Greenwood. MU’s young striker was also removed from the FIFA 22 game versions after the scandal.

Eric Cantona founded a special FC, dedicated to passionate football fans

The Manchester United legend thinks too many fans are happy sitting at home and watching the game from the comfort of armchairs.

Arsenal: Be nice to Ukraine – Be nice to your players

Yesterday, before Arsenal’s match against Watford, the Gunners’ social media site posted an image of the yellow-green captain’s armband standing out on the red shirt background, along with the message: “Football stands together.”

AP journalist Rob Harris shared this image and wrote: “Arsenal in deciding not to side with Ozil in the Uighur case in 2019: ‘As a football club, Arsenal has always been. adhere to the principle of not getting involved in politics’.”

Harris’ post has received 118,000 likes, many times more than Arsenal’s original post, because this is what the social network has been talking about in the past few days.

Ozil was once the top midfielder in the world, having won countless successes at club and national level, especially winning the 2014 World Cup. Four years later, when the Tank was a huge disappointment in Russia, Ozil met conflict with German fans, partly because of his performance, partly because of problems related to Germany’s relationship with Turkey, his hometown. Ozil then retired from the national team at the age of 29.

That is not the only time the midfielder has been in trouble because of politics. In 2019, Ozil publicly showed support for the Uighurs. Not only was he ostracized by China, he was also in trouble with the host club. Arsenal were quick to post their disapproval of Ozil’s remarks, as Harris reiterated above. After that, the German player was gradually absent from the Gunners’ starting line-up, Arsenal can easily use the excuse of form. Early last year Ozil left London after a series of days of exile.

It’s also not the only time Arsenal have had to work privately with players because they express sympathy for a people. Months after Ozil’s departure, Mohamed Elneny tweeted in support of the Palestinians amid the armed conflict with Israel, which raised concerns from Arsenal sponsor Lavazza.

Elneny wrote: “My heart, my soul and my support for you Palestine” on Twitter, along with a pro-Palestinian image. Lavazza Group told the press: “We will immediately contact Arsenal to comment that we are concerned about the club’s involvement in such a message. The content of this post is completely inappropriate. consistent with our company’s values.”

Arsenal said: ” As with any Arsenal employee, our players are entitled to express their views on their own platforms. That means we have spoken to Mo about this. for him to understand the broader implications of his post.”

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