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Beating Medvedev in the classic match Nadal entered world tennis history

Beating Medvedev in the classic match Nadal entered world tennis history

Beating Medvedev 3-2 after being 2-0 down, Nadal won the Australian Open 2022 to become the male player with the most Grand Slam titles in world tennis history.

Beating Medvedev in the classic match Nadal entered world tennis history

The final of the Australian Open 2022 men’s singles between Nadal and Medvedev is noticed when both players will create special milestones if they win. With Nadal, he will have his 21st Grand Slam and go down in history as the male tennis player with the most major titles. While with Medvedev, he will rise to the number 1 position in the world if he can beat the Spanish opponent.

Medvedev’s youth helped the Russian player get off to a better start in the first set. Medvedev always played well in serve and return games very well in Nadal’s serve games. As a result, Medvedev won 2 breaks to quickly win 6-2.

In the second set, Nadal continued to have difficulty in the first games, but Medvedev’s mistake in the fourth game helped the Spaniard take a 3-1 lead. Excited after having the advantage, Nadal maintained the advantage to lead 4-1 then 5-2.

However, at the most important moment, Nadal made a mistake to let Medvedev equalize the score 5-5 then 6-6, forcing the second set to enter a tie-break series. In this series, Nadal continuously took the lead but when it came to the set points, the 36-year-old tennis player was unable to beat Medvedev’s tenacity. The Russian player won 7-5 in a series of “gunfights” to close the second set in 84 minutes of intense competition.

Set 3 witnessed the more cautious of the two players. No one wants to lose break at sensitive moments of the match. Medvedev had a chance to take the lead in game 6 when he led 40-0 but Nadal’s experience helped him keep the game on hold.

The balance was broken in game 9 when Medvedev made a mistake to create an opportunity for Nadal to break. The Spaniard took advantage of the advantage to win the third set with a score of 6-4, bringing the match into the fourth set.

In the fourth set, the match was extremely tense with consecutive durable balls. Nadal is the better player in the key points to get 2 breaks compared to 1 break of the opponent. Rafa won the fourth set with a score of 6-4 after completing a white game.

In the 5th set, the match continued with high speed and tension. After the first 4 games without anyone winning a break, Nadal made good use of Medvedev’s mistake to win a break, taking a 4-2 lead and then 5-3.

In the decisive 10th game, Nadal led 30-0 but then immediately lost important points, creating the opportunity for Medvedev to break the break to level the score 5-5. However, in the next game, Nadal broke again after Medvedev’s error.

In the 12th game, Nadal served well to lead 40-0 and have 3 decisive points to the championship. The Spaniard took advantage of that to win, thereby winning the 5th set with a score of 7-5.

Beating Medvedev in a 5-set match (2-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 75) that lasted 5 hours and 24 minutes, Nadal went down in world men’s tennis history as the man’s hand. First racket with 21 Grand Slam titles.

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