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Baggy jeans are not out of fashion yet

Baggy jeans are not out of fashion yet

The way to wear beautiful baggy jeans lies not only in the coordination of clothes, but also in choosing the right pants for your body shape, material, color…

Baggy jeans are not out of fashion yet

Gone are the days of skinny jeans. That type of pants is easy to reveal flaws such as bow legs or fat calves, and it is also uncomfortable when standing and sitting.

According to the NPD Group, a market research firm, skinny jeans are no longer the number one selling style in the United States. Leading the current fashion trend is straight-leg jeans, with sales overtaking skinny pants. But more popular on both the catwalk and in the stars’ street style outfits are baggy jeans, with comfortable loose-legs and long, earth-shattering hems.

Taylor Tomasi Hill, creative director of styling company The Yes, says that the rise of wide-leg jeans is inevitable. “After two years of sitting around doing housework in suits or sweatpants, who wants to go back to the constraints of skinny jeans,” she shared with Harper’s Bazaar. “Of course fashion always has twists and turns. But now that summer is coming, bringing with it the feeling of being lazy and just wanting to lie down on the beach, wide shapes are most popular.”

Ways to wear beautiful baggy jeans, not sloppy

Many people think that baggy jeans are only beautiful to wear to go out because of their wide shape. This is not really right. Loose jeans can also look formal when tweaked properly. Here are some ways to wear beautiful baggy jeans that everyone must know.

There are many different styles of baggy jeans, with different details from the looseness of the leg to the flare of the leg. Each style is suitable for a different body shape.

Jogger breeches: The advantage is very comfortable. The downside is that it’s easy to make you look shorter than you really are. This style of pants is only for those who are tall, especially those with a ruler or inverted triangle shape, to create a roundness for the bust.

Bowl pants : This is a style of pants with a straight leg but with a slight flare below the hem. It is suitable to be worn with ankle boots (ankle boots) so in English they are called boot cut pants. The advantage is to hide the bow-legged defect. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for people with large thighs, because the flare of the pants easily highlights this shortcoming.

Wide-leg jeans : This is the type of pants everyone thinks of when it comes to how to wear nice baggy jeans. The advantage is that it is versatile, suitable for many body shapes, perfectly conceals flaws, and also helps you cheat your height when combined with high heels. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for use in the rainy season because it is easy to get wet.

Loose jeans : An oversized version when compared to wide leg jeans. The material is often soft to create the desired flare. The advantage is that it is very stylish and much more feminine when compared to other types of jeans. The downside is that it can be sloppy due to the length of the soil, and is not suitable for use in the rainy season.

For all the styles of baggy jeans mentioned above, you can apply a contrasting combo. That is, if the pants are wide and loose, the shirt should be tight and neat. Polo shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt, tight shirt, crop top, two-piece shirt… are all suitable.

The popular way to wear baggy jeans today is to combine them with a shirt showing off your bust like Korean stars. It can be a crop top, a tube top, a bra top. This arrangement is very suitable for people with a beautiful figure, with 11 abs and a slim waist. However, this style of dress is definitely not suitable for the office.

Baggy pants worn with a blouse is a style of clothing often seen in rebellious young people, typically Billie Eilish. This type of outfit can make you look quite short, so it is not recommended for those who are shorter than 1m60. Should be combined with shoes with high soles, whether high heels or terrible sneakers, to avoid falling into the situation of “dwarf fungus”.

The right type of wide-leg jeans for work should be pants made of smooth fabric, do not wash (fade) intensely, do not cut loosely, and the bottom of the pants does not leave jagged.

Then, at its simplest, wear these baggy jeans with a blazer. This jacket can be cropped or hip-length, hugging and pressing at the waist.

Or, you can wear loose-fitting jeans and a button-down shirt. Due to the relaxed shape of the jeans, your outfit is not afraid to look rustic and old. Add a scarf or logomania belt to complement the look.

If you don’t have a tight-fitting shirt, you can tie two normal shirt flaps at the waist to create a lovely waistline.

The trick to wearing loose jeans that look good on you is to roll up the hem. Thus, with the same pair of pants, you can create many different styles. Sometimes it’s long to wear with high heels, sometimes it’s dusty to coordinate with sneakers.

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