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5 recipes to dress well regardless of body shape to help pregnant women surpass office fashion

5 recipes to dress well regardless of body shape to help pregnant women surpass office fashion

As you begin to become a mother, embracing the changes to your body is the first step in your spiritual nine-month journey. Girls will inevitably feel anxiety and insecurity about the body that arise during pregnancy. Instead of covering your belly or making yourself with “baggy” dresses that make you fall inside, pregnant women can completely try with a lot of mix & match mixes from elegant minimalism to modern charm. Let’s take a look at the endless comfortable, trendy “unmatched” mixes with ELLE and add heat to the pregnant women’s union freely displaying at the office.

5 recipes to dress well regardless of body shape to help pregnant women surpass office fashion

For pregnant women, there is nothing more graceful and comfortable than a high-waisted dress at the office. The waistline that is higher than your belly can help you relax more for a longer period of time in front of the desk. Pregnant women should choose dresses with thin and light materials such as silk and chiffon to reduce the feeling of heaviness.

Usually, knee length will be safe and cover many flaws, however, you can also experiment with short dresses that are just right to regain a sense of dynamism. More variation with colors or ruffled, cascading designs will help women confidently wear beautiful everywhere during pregnancy.

Don’t worry that the growing belly will prevent pregnant women from showing off their sexy beauty. Now, pregnant mothers will not have to leave their favorite crop tops just by wearing a long skirt or wide leg pants to enhance the style. Remember that tight designs are always attractive regardless of body shape.

To “show off your belly” subtly, you should choose a shirt with a moderate length and avoid spreading shapes with sophisticated details that make the body more “bulky”. Adding a light jacket is the perfect move for elegant and polite fashion at work.

Whether at home or at work, the comfort of a knitted dress is still a “sedative medicine” that arouses positive energy for the pregnant association. To complete the elegant feeling often found in the office, a blazer is the go-to choice that never goes wrong.

This will be a mix that is both safe and trendy for pregnant women to confidently drop at work. In addition to soft neutral colors, pregnant women can experiment with vibrant shades such as red, pink, and green to stir up the atmosphere. Color blocking or the principle of contrast is applied to create a complement and stand out in harmony between the shirt and the dress.

Not stopping there, knitted shirts or sweaters can also replace blazers in many combinations that highlight the personality of pregnant women.

Everyone needs motivation to meet deadlines at work and the sporty energy from jogger pants will help pregnant women speed up on the work track every day. In addition to the thick sweatpants, thin elastic material is the “baby” of the pumpkin association in the summer fashion mixes.

Not only white, black or gray, many jogging pants with vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns are opening an exciting space for pregnant women to experiment. At this point, let blazers or hoodies make a very comfortable athleisure mix .

Fashion for pregnant mothers is no longer limited to loose and “closed” dresses. However, not everyone has the confidence to “show off their belly” everywhere, especially at work. Right now, an oversized camisole can help distract and divert attention away from your belly.

To maximize the feeling of activeness, pregnant women can use a t-shirt or mesh shirt with accessories such as a headscarf and sunglasses. More feminine, ruffled tops, puff sleeves or turtlenecks will be the ideal partner of a gentle two-piece camisole at the office.

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