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Two boys make hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to self-invented products

Two boys make hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to self-invented products

Once having trouble decorating a Christmas tree, Ayaan and his brother came up with an idea to fix the problem and turn it into a businessable item. Like most kids, Ayaan and Mickey Naqvi, of Connecticut love their family’s Christmas traditions , like making cookies and wrapping presents. But the kids love to decorate the Christmas tree with traditional decorations.

Two boys make hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to self-invented products

One day, as the brothers were trying to beautify the pine tree, the ornament fell from the branch. At that moment, the idea of ​​creating anchors, to prevent the decorations from slipping, appeared in the minds of the two children. Ayaan tested the device during a school project last year. Teachers and parents flocked to the boy’s booth. Realizing that their item is being liked by many people, the two children know they need to take action.

Without wasting time, Ayaan and his brother turned their invention into a tradeable commodity. “We designed products together, patented and created a website, calculated profit margins and did our own market analysis. We did everything as if every month was Christmas. birth,” said the boy.

Within the first six hours at last year’s local Christmas market, the two kids raised $1,000. Thanks to the initial success, Ayaan and Mickey were motivated to sell the product to the world.

In a year, the two kids earned $250,000 and donated 10% of their profits to local animal shelters.

“Since I was very young, I have been fascinated by creatures. Our goal is to help as many animals in need as possible,” the boy said.

Despite being successful, 2020 is not an easy year to start a business. “Only deployed for three months, the pandemic occurred. After that, we were isolated, learning to work from home. It was really difficult. However, we always kept a positive spirit, really show small steps,” the 12-year-old boy shared.

Ayaan said, despite the obstacles, the products of this young business couple have always received positive feedback from customers so far.

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