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Top 9 shooting games that you should try now and always this July!

Top 9 shooting games that you should try now and always this July!

Join the fierce gun battles of shooters and feel the power of super weapons in the games released this July. Wild Rift Mobile is a combination of outstanding features from Crossfire Legends in PvP competition (Team Battle, Bombing, Knife Fighting, Sniper …) and PvE (Story, Challenge, Survival) and Campaign game. Legend in the model of strengthening equipment, developing extremely intensive character stats.

Top 9 shooting games that you should try now and always this July!

In the game, players not only get acquainted with the activities, features as well as many interesting shooting mechanics from Survival, Story to various large and small-scale Challenge missions, but also admire the Realistic gunfight scene on carefully invested, detailed 3D graphics with a bit of cinematic elements.

Set in the context of players trying to survive in an apocalyptic world full of zombies, but Left To Survive mainly develops in third-person shooter gameplay. With sharp 3D graphics, outstanding visuals, accompanied by strategic elements that make this game much more attractive.

Besides, the control mechanism in Left to Survive is very simple. The character will automatically move and the game will automatically seek shelter whenever needed. And players just need to take care of aiming (slide finger on the left side of the screen) and press at the right time. In addition, you can also throw grenades or use a machete, depending on whether you want to save ammo or when facing too many opponents.

With 3D graphics using high quality Unreal Engine 4 technology, every scene in Newborn , especially the gunfights, takes place extremely realistically and vividly. The main character is designed to simulate real people with good-looking appearance and flexible movements. In addition to the gun sound effects, the real feeling when a gun is loaded, aimed at the target will bring a vivid TPS experience.

The control mechanism in New born is also very suitable for the gameplay on Mobile, the screen will appear aiming, the player just needs to move the aiming point accurately and then use the firing and reloading keys conveniently arranged on the side. right corner of the screen to kill enemies quickly. The map is also designed with many obstacles so that players can hide and choose the right time to face the enemy hand-to-hand. In addition, the game also has many game modes and unique feature systems of the shooter series.

With the familiar first-person survival shooter gameplay, Behind Zombie Lines impresses with its realistic and vivid 3D graphics. The game invests carefully in sound, opening up a scary, dangerous space, creating zombies, dark, dark colors with a bold, deadly tone as the main theme. Besides the skill effects, beautiful lighting, players will feel the heart pounding, the mind is always in a state of tension and focus to be ready to fight the enemy.

The control mechanism in the game is also extremely simple and arranged to suit the gameplay on Mobile and sets out many challenging modes for players like in games of the same genre.

Heroes of Warland is a game from the producer Nitro Games Oyj. Taking the theme of third-person shooter as the main theme with many interesting game modes, but players in addition to feeling the tension and drama through each game, also feel a little naive and lightly entertained. thanks to the game’s graphics.

Different from the usual shooting games on mobile, the characters in Heroes of Warland have separate stats that greatly affect the gameplay such as movement speed, range, reloading speed… Plus each person. replay is equipped with an accompanying accessory, supporting many different roles as well as helping the character to be more flexible during combat. In addition, the player during battle will have a default energy bar, and when this energy bar is full, it will activate the ultimate skill.

Zombie Sniper Counter Shooter – Last Man Survival is introduced as a survival shooter, action-adventure adventure, featuring graphics using hot colors, creepy music, and leg-shaped zombies. real and lively. Besides, there is a diverse weapon system, delighting players to unlock and use.

The control mechanism in Zombie Sniper Counter Shooter – Last Man Survival is quite familiar to players and is very suitable for shooting gameplay on mobile. Players will quickly access the in-game and easy-to-use operations to kill as many zombies as possible by aligning the weapon’s firing angles, zooming in on the camera, and snapping the head with the click of a button. Shoot to kill zombies.

Defiance 2050 is set only about 5 years after the original Defiance game, the main event venue is a simulation of the city of San Francisco – USA. Players will enjoy a large open world with many unnamed missions and a series of hidden ‘survival’ features.

Compared to Defiance, Defiance 2050 has more advanced graphics, all the architectures, guns, characters, movements, lighting effects … are taken care of more carefully that will make gamers admire when step into the game.

Bullet Strike: Sniper Battlegrounds is a survival shooter game resurrected from Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds – one of the first survival shooter mobile games produced by a Vietnamese studio.

This new game has a gameplay focused mainly on Sniper mode with a wide selection of long-range guns such as AR, DMR, SR … and of course these guns have a built-in scope. However, the player can only move around the existing building and conduct long-range gunfights with opponents in other buildings. When defeated, you are immediately disqualified and out of the match. However, the game also provides gamers with features such as: Switch position, locate enemies, pump blood, barrel temperature, …

Basically, Battle Carnival doesn’t have much difference when compared to other FPS products on the market, the game also owns 2 basic game modes, Single and Multiplayer. However, in terms of graphics, Battle Carnival creates very special highlights.

The characters in the game are designed in 3D close to the characters in the cartoon. This also applies to the weapon system in the game, when there are many types of guns that are designed very differently, unlike any gun in reality.

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