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There are a lot of tears in these 21 saddest love movies in the world

There are a lot of tears in these 21 saddest love movies in the world

The movie has an iMDb score of 7.7/10. The film is based on Andrews’ 2012 novel of the same name. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl received generally positive reviews from both critics and audiences. The film revolves around the friendship of 17-year-old Greg Gaines (Thomas Mann), Earl (RJ Cyler) and Rachel Kushner (Olivia Cooke), a girl with diphtheria. Why is the film so emotional? The title stated that Rachel would die of illness, but viewers were still extremely sad when that happened.

There are a lot of tears in these 21 saddest love movies in the world

This tear-jerking oddball is based on the 2013 fictional novel A Long Way Home by author Saroo Brierley. The film received many nominations and awards such as 6 Oscars, 2 BAFTA awards. Lion also grossed $140 million, making it the highest-grossing Australian film of all time.

Content Lion revolves around a 5-year-old boy lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from his home. After running away due to being kidnapped, he was adopted by an Australian family. 25 years later, he returned to his hometown to find his family.

The film has an iMDb score of 7.8/10, voted by the American Film Institute as one of the 10 best films of 2016. The film also received many nominations and awards. The film’s content revolves around the story of Lee Chandler, a clerk in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Previously, because of alcoholism, during his drunkenness, Lee burned the house and killed 3 children. Because of suffering, Lee committed suicide but failed. After his brother died, Lee had to take care of his son Patrick.

Call Me By Your Name is also one of the saddest movies of all time. The film is about the same-sex love of Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet), 17 years old, Italian, and Oliver (Armie Hammer), 24 years old, American. Oliver is an assistant professor of archeology (Michael Stuhlbarg), Elio’s father.

Watching movies, you will be immersed in the beautiful, romantic Italian landscape; A budding yet shy love affair between two boys… Get ready to cry with Timothée to the passionate tunes of Sufjan Stevens.

The film’s content is about a mother’s pre-death preparation for her disabled child. Mrs. Ae Soon (Ko Du Shim), over 60 years old, lives with her son In Gyu (Kim Sung Kyun). In Gyu is over 30 years old but has the brain of a 7 year old. Therefore, Ae Soon always had to teach and nag her son.

But one day, Mrs. Ae Soon went to the doctor and discovered that she had a brain tumor. She had only a few months left to live. Worried about her son who had no one to take care of, she was determined to find a job for him and teach him how to take care of himself.

This whole tear-jerking movie is a mother’s love for her son. Everything Ae Soon does is with the hope that her child can take care of her without her mother. Watching the movie, you will shed tears in many scenes, especially the last part.

Italy’s Happy as Lazzaro received the Best Screenplay award at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. The film revolves around the Inviolata estate, which has been isolated since 1977. 54 farmers work on a tobacco farm. They are constantly in debt so they cannot pay the debt.

Lazzaro was a worker there. Lazzaro plays with Tancredi, her son Marchioness, the rancher. Tancredi asks Lazzaro to fake his own kidnapping in order to ransom his mother. From here, Lazzaro has an exciting adventure.

You’ll fall in love with the innocent but doomed Lazzaro in Alice Rohrwacher’s ethereal, allegorical drama. And in the end, you will not only cry for him, but also be disappointed that the world is still the same.

Country singer Jackson “Jack” Maine is famous but addicted to alcohol and drugs. Once he visited a transgender bar, he got to know Ally. It’s waitress cum singer and musician.

The two have come together to create one of the greatest songs of all time. Then they fell in love. Song Ally became more and more popular, and Jack became more and more depraved in alcohol and drugs.

The film received many positive reviews, especially the performances of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in the two main roles.

This tear-jerking odd film tells the story of a 70-year-old man raising two grandchildren. After his son died in an accident, his daughter-in-law also left. He had to go to work to earn money to take care of Deok Goo and Deok Hee.

Then he discovered he had a serious illness. In order for the two grandchildren to have a place to eat and wear, he found a way to put them up for adoption. The film is extremely emotional with the scene where the old and weak grandfather has to take care of his two grandchildren, because of his love for him, he has to cut his guts and let him be adopted…

The saddest movies of all time cannot fail to mention Loving Vincent: The Impossible Dream. This art film follows the life of painter Vincent Van Gogh. 125 artists painted 65,000 pictures, to tell about his life.

Van Gogh was horribly misunderstood and cruelly treated throughout his life. The film uses paintings with different Van Gogh styles for each frame making it infinitely more poignant. Loving Vincent: The Impossible Dream has an iMDb score of 8.1/10.

The film revolves around the relationship of two teenage cystic fibrosis patients. It’s Stella Grant (Haley Lu Richardson) and Will Newman (Cole Sprouse).

People with this disease cannot come close to each other. They must always stand 6 meters apart from each other to ensure that they do not cross-contaminate each other’s bacteria. But the two could not stop their love for each other. What should they do?

Romang revolves around the elderly couple Cho Nam Bong and Lee Mae Ja. Both suffer from dementia.

At first, Mr. Nam Bong, a taxi driver, used to nag and scold his wife. But since Mae Ja suffered from dementia, he had to work and take care of his wife at the same time. Only then did he understand the hardships of taking care of her family for many years. Then one day, he also suffered from amnesia like her.

The film took away a lot of tears from viewers, especially the scenes where the daughter-in-law and son only cared about themselves, not paying attention to their parents. Especially the last scene when Mr. Nam Bong took his wife on a trip and did not return.

Above are the saddest movies in the world, moved to tears. All movies have high iMDb scores, which are praised by audiences as well as professionals. In addition, the great acting of the actors makes the roles come to life, contributing to the success of the film. Please watch to feel and choose the best movie.

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