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The oversized revolution redefines the gold standard standard of modern fashion

The oversized revolution redefines the gold standard standard of modern fashion

Recently, fashion for people with a full body has received more attention, as well as generations of oversized models have more “army land” in the fashion field.

The oversized revolution redefines the gold standard standard of modern fashion

Over the years, many fashion houses have given plus-sized models equal privileges such as models with standard figures to appear in shows, fashion photos or even promotional campaigns. trademark. In addition, there are also many fashion houses introducing special collections for customers with oversized figures.

At first, the stoutwear industry, also known as the plus size industry, was subsumed into the sub-segment of ready-to-wear women’s clothing. It wasn’t until about 1915 that designers saw the profit potential of producing fashion for curvaceous women. Therefore, the stoutwear industry was born to meet their style beauty needs. However, at that time, costume designers still did not put much enthusiasm and invested much brain into designing their clothes.

The year 2010 can be considered as a milestone marking the true plus size fashion occupying the mainstream of contemporary fashion. When American actress Gabourey Sidibe appeared on the cover of a prestigious fashion magazine. Of course, using the image of a character with a chubby body in a fashion publication will cause mixed discussions.

Some people are in favor of the new, some are against it because they think that standard values ​​should still be followed. Even to this day, stereotypes about body shape still persist. Although there are many body-positive movements such as the “body possibility” taking place, it may take more time or more drastic action to erase that remnant.

In recent years, oversized models are more sought after by illustrious fashion houses. Some of the best examples are that after the success of the Spring Summer 2021 BST launch show with the presence of oversized models, Versace fashion house continued to “recruit” Precious Lee in their campaign to promote their collection.

Previously, Jill Kortleve was also the first oversized model to walk the runway of luxury fashion brand Chanel since 2010. Recently, Kortleve and Paloma Elsesser became the first oversized model faces to appear. at Fendi’s show in February.

Gradually, fashion houses have shown the fans the equality between standard and oversized clothes in the most obvious way. Especially Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show, which brings together models and artists of all shapes and sizes, shows that the fashion industry’s vision has changed a lot since the early 20th century.

Read More After all, many luxury brands have proven that outfits aren’t just for runway models in standard measurements, but for all sizes. In particular, Dolce & Gabbana is the first high-end fashion house to introduce Ready-to-wear designs in sizes US 16 – US 18 from 2019.

As a result of the pandemic, the fashion industry stagnated, sales plummeted. This raises a big question mark as to why fashion houses don’t seriously invest more in designing clothes specifically for people with curvaceous figures, or at least expand more measurements to suit many people. more customers. Above all, this will be an opportunity for brands to successfully conquer all types of customers, especially Generation Z, the generation that is very interested in social movements.

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