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The numbers confirm the blackpink fever in the world of high-end jewelry

The numbers confirm the blackpink fever in the world of high-end jewelry

If billions of dollars worth of jewelry from BVLGARI, Cartier or Tiffany & Co. can also “sold out” in a few notes, collaborating with BLACKPINK members is indeed a “bargain” for brands.

The numbers confirm the blackpink fever in the world of high-end jewelry

Not only the entertainment industry but also the fashion industry are witnessing the great influence of the YG girls. In addition to talent, BLACKPINK is also appreciated for her beautiful appearance, natural temperament as well as professional working attitude, not afraid to commit and innovate.

The fact that Cartier officially named Jisoo for the position of global ambassador marked an important milestone in the group’s career. BLACKPINK is now the only group where all members have the title of ambassadors of fashion brands and luxury jewelry.

Maybe many people have forgotten, Jennie ‘s “love affair” with high-end jewelry did not start at CHANEL. Back in 2017, when she had just debuted for more than a year, Jennie became the first Korean to model for Boucheron Paris – a French luxury watch and jewelry brand with a history of more than 160 years.

At that time, the female idol was called “the embodiment of artistic light” when taking a photo shoot for the company’s Bestiary Collection – introduced in the October 2017 issue of Heren magazine.

Farewell to Boucheron and return to CHANEL station, which started with the fashion segment, Jennie is younger in completely different concepts, showing diversity in style. In January 2022, she was officially chosen to be the face of CHANEL Fine Jewelery’s Coco Crush campaign.

The female idol always knows how to highlight Coco Crush designs , keep the classic and elegant spirit of jewelry, and at the same time enhance her elegance and fashion.

“Trendnie Kim” is known for always leading and creating new trends. As of early May 2022, Jennie dominated the Instagram social network with 66.7 million followers, ranked 11th among the celebrities with the highest followers on this platform. Female singer Solo has an engagement rate of 13.75% for her posts.

Therefore, once CHANEL’s design is posted on Jennie’s personal page, it means that it will gain “giant” recognition. For example, a Coco Crush video on Instagram @jennierubyjane, CHANEL’s product has nearly 7 million views, and promotional photos have also received more than 6 million likes.

In 2020, when the number of her deals is not as “rushing” as it is today, the Youtube channel KOOKIE LIT has analyzed that a BLACKPINK member can earn up to 8 million USD (more than 185 billion VND) per year as a ambassador. At the same time, the Smart Consumption program

(Korea) also said that the price of Jennie’s promotional posts on her personal Instagram will be about 600 million won (nearly 12 billion dong) thanks to the media influence she brings. Worth mentioning, at that time, the number of followers on Jennie’s personal account was 30.4 million people – less than a quarter of the current number of followers.

At the end of 2021, the program All year live (KBS – Korea) revealed that Jennie is one of the K-pop stars dominating the global advertising industry. She ranked 6th in the top celebrities earning the most advertising money in Korea in 2021 with an estimated profit of 4 million USD.

In July 2020, Lisa was officially appointed as the new global ambassador of BVLGARI – an Italian jeweler with 138 years of history. The label describes Lisa as an “unprecedented daring performer and a fashion icon”. In addition, the brand has repeatedly shown her favor when interested in Lisa’s musical activities, such as sending a coffee truck to the MV studio with the message: “BVLGARI fully supports the music. Lisa’s solo album”, “Please take care of our Lisa”.

Recently, on March 16, Lisa attended an event of BVLGARI and visited the brand’s store in Rome (Italy). The large number of fans present shocked the CEO – Jean-Christophe Babin. The female idol inadvertently made the event look like a “surprise fanmeeting”, and once again confirmed the spread and great influence of BLACKPINK in Europe.

According to a report from consumer and market intelligence platform NetBase Quid, BVLGARI is the most mentioned luxury jewelry brand in 2020 with total 2.05 million mentions, likely reaching 20.06 billion impressions. Top hashtags associated with the brand include #lisa and #blackpink. According to NetBase Quid, the spike in data is due to its business deal with member BLACKPINK.

Also in 2021, according to a source from a close friend of Lisa, during a filming with BVLGARI, an employee of the brand unexpectedly revealed: “Lisa can make our products sell out in one year.” round 1 hour. Team BVLGARI did not expect her to have such a big influence on sales.

It’s a phenomenon.” Not stopping there, the “sold out queen” also proved her ability when helping to sell very expensive BVLGARI products such as Serpenti necklaces worth 118,000 USD (more than 2.7 billion VND), flowers. Divas’ dream earrings are worth nearly 62 million VND, Fiorever ring is 339 million VND, B.zero1 necklace is more than 1.3 billion VND…

The Money vocalist leads K-pop idols and ranks eighth among celebrities with the most followers on Instagram. As of May 2022, @lalalalia_m has nearly 78 million followers with an interaction rate of 12.93%. Lisa is also the most influential K-pop artist at the platform.

Accordingly, an average of Lisa’s posts about BVLGARI’s collections, exhibitions, etc. will collect between 5 million and 9 million likes and interests. According to Vogue Business: “Just the post of Lisa – BLACKPINK on her personal Instagram page has earned 1.4 million USD (more than 32 billion VND) in media impact value.”

In April 2021, the main vocalist BLACKPINK officially became the global ambassador of high-end jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. According to Tiffany & Co., Rosé has a “bold personality and modern style” that fits the brand’s direction very well.

She began her role promoting the HardWear product line and represented the 2021 Tiffany HardWear online campaign, inspired by the “style and angle” of popular cities. After only a month of cooperation, the BLACKPINK member was favored by a famous jewelry company to hang an extremely large billboard at the flagship store in New York.

Similar to other brands, Tiffany & Co. also sponsors its ambassadors a series of elaborate jewelry for performances, takes photos and continuously sends gifts and letters on important occasions. However, with the results that Rosé brought, the fact that she received special treatment from Tiffany & Co. no surprise.

Recently, in February 2022, the “Australian rose” was listed in the 2021 financial statements of LVMH – the group that owns Tiffany & Co. because of her impressive achievements in terms of profits. Specifically, in the past year, Tiffany & Co. stable business activities, achieving many records of profits.

Notably, the wise decision to make Rosé the global ambassador and face of the HardWear collection has doubled sales. The items that the female idol born in 1997 used to wear are all sought after such as HardWear necklace worth more than 1.2 billion VND, HardWear earrings worth more than 292 million VND, Tiffany True necklace worth more than 600 million VND.…

Rosé currently has more than 59.6 million followers, ranking eighth among K-pop artists and 20th among global Instagram celebrities. Additionally, she has an engagement rate of 8.14%. According to Vogue Business, as of June 2021, Rosé has brought in more than 578 million impressions for Tiffany & Co. and generated $17.4 million in media value. Each branded post on Instagram gets about 36 million impressions and averages $1.1 million per post.

Similar to Lisa’s cooperation with BVLGARI, the deal of Jisoo and Cartier also brought the company a record profit. In 2020, without an official title, Jisoo has contributed to increasing Cartier’s media value through the Pasha de Cartier campaign. According to a NetBase Quid report

Cartier ranks second on the list of most powerful luxury jewelry brands on social networks in 2020 with 2.03 million mentions and 17.8 billion impressions, 10 times higher. compared to other famous brands. Even a brand as old as Piaget has only 165,000 mentions. Worth mentioning, Cartier’s name is mostly mentioned with hashtags like #jisoo, #blackpink.

Currently, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister has more than 60.7 million followers on Instagram, ranking seventh among K-pop idols and 19th among celebrities on the platform, engagement rate. hers is 9.85%. Her Cartier promotional posts fluctuated around 5 million likes.

The female idol is also a “sold out queen” when constantly helping Cartier sell out expensive products such as Clash de cartier necklace priced at nearly 55 million VND, Amulette de Cartier bracelet at 105 million VND, Panthère de Cartier bracelet more than 600 million VND, La Panthère de Cartier watches more than 1.1 billion VND, …

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