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The beauty of fashion goes from the heart to the hands

The beauty of fashion goes from the heart to the hands

Clothes and fabrics are not only friendly to the wearer, but also spread around the “positive energy”, the pre- and post-design refinements so that fashion is not a burden on the environment.

The beauty of fashion goes from the heart to the hands

“Sustainable fashion” is not only a commitment to products but also a commitment of corporate responsibility to the community and society after the consequences that the fashion industry has caused. These “consequences” largely lie in the process before a collection or product is launched.

Pursuing sustainable fashion is a long, ever-changing and never-ending journey. At this time, TimTay has achieved the use of materials of natural origin such as flax, cotton, pure silk… We choose reputable domestic suppliers to minimize emissions during transportation. transfer and support domestic enterprises.

Excess fabric in the production process is always kept for reuse and recycling . Most of TimTay’s designs are creative according to the criterion of zero waste to minimize the waste of materials. Our production plan is always arranged scientifically so that employees are never forced to work overtime. A focused and effective working environment to reduce pressure and open up creativity.

To encourage sustainable consumption, we offer a free repair service so that our customers always receive the products that fit their best. In the event of a damaged product, it can also be sent back for restoration, regardless of how long ago you purchased it. We also built a Facebook group called TimTay Exchange, which encourages customers to exchange clothes that no longer fit to extend the product’s life.

The most characteristic feature of TimTay’s designs is the local culture. We design natural horn buttons handcrafted by handicraft artisans in Hoc Mon district, Saigon; using high quality silk material Bao Loc, Vietnam for Silk Collection 01; launched designs marking creative collaborations with Vietnamese artists and brands such as: conceptual artist Dang Van Phuc, ceramic artist Man Thien, recycled brand Archivesashiko…

There are many unsustainable and difficult problems to solve such as on the production side, the difficulty usually lies in the supply of raw materials because most of the domestic raw materials and accessories are deadstock, so there is not a large enough quantity for production. and not diverse.

So many brands have to choose to order from abroad. On the sales side, the concept of “sustainable fashion” is still quite vague for Vietnamese customers, so it is still very difficult to convey to them the value of products based on this concept.

Next time, the brand will develop in two lines of high-end and application. Products continue to be created from materials of natural origin, and at the same time diversify product groups to serve many different and special needs – must bring the spirit of Vietnam.

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